Sinew and Steel and What They Told: A OriginalSinew and Steel and What They Told: A Original by Carrie Vaughn
My rating: 4/5 cats
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“Are you a spy?”

“What? No.” I mean, I don’t think so? Would they think I was, if I told them everything?

“Because Ransom thinks you’re a spy.”

“For who?”

“I don’t know. For whatever you are.”

“How bad am I hurt?”

“You should be dead. Your spine was severed. At least I thought it was, but then . . . it fixed itself.”

“Yeah, it does that.”

this is a sweet, light sf romance story about a man who is not really a man, and for wholesome people who were raised right, it’s probably the bee’s knees. me, i’m reading that interrogation scene, waiting for the other shoe, the twist, the teeth to come out, because surely sentiments like this are insincere, right?

This ship is full of love and I’m afraid I’ve broken it.

but no, it’s a sweet light sf romance story and it turns out i’m the real monster.

that’s all i got for this one. people who weren’t raised by wolves, with positive outlooks and healthy throbbing hearts, will enjoy it more than people like me, always braced for the emotional trapdoor.

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