Shop Cats of New YorkShop Cats of New York by Tamar Arslanian
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 photo IMG_8711_zpsowddktmm.jpg

maggie is unimpressed, but i enjoyed it.

look, another book about CATS! about grizzled blue-collar cats, salt of the earth and backbone of the working class, like matilda the ragdoll shown working hard at her post at the algonquin hotel:

 photo IMG_9805_zps557vfhcf.jpg

i love going into stores that have their own house cats. shocking, i know, but true. and i love that someone has finally taken the initiative to document some of these shop cats, particularly since i know most of these places, and can visit these little cuties whenever i want! during business hours, of course. but i do NOT love that, of the 36 cats featured, there are 24 from manhattan, 11 from brooklyn and only ONE from queens! staten island and the bronx are boroughs used to being overlooked, but queens? we have many cute cats who live in stores! don’t neglect our pussies!

here’s the queens cat – max at pets on the run, a pet supply store in astoria:

 photo IMG_9814_zpsipevnz4u.jpg

howdy, neighbor!

that complaint aside, i have no others about this book. the photographs are excellent, and each cat (or cats, in cases where stores have multiple feline representatives) gets a little write-up about their personalities, origins, or responsibilities while on the job.

there are shoe store cats, pharmacy cats, flower shop cats, and some cats who are really living the dream, like jeffie the whiskey distillery cat, shown here clearly licking some fine whiskey outta his whiskers:

 photo IMG_9808_zpswiyl5uwt.jpg

i would say go home cat, you’re drunk, but you’re already there

 photo IMG_1034_zpskacxugla.jpg

another drunkard is jack daniels bagley, punching his timecard over at wine haven.

 photo IMG_1031_zpskbjllddd.jpg

and ric and rac, who live in a freaking ribbon store, which is the best job ever for a cat:

 photo IMG_9821_zpsz1cxjydy.jpg

they are having way more fun than valentino the real estate cat, who has nothing to play with but this chair, although he’s making the most of it:

 photo IMG_1035_zpsqeuk4lzq.jpg

three of the featured kitties are bookstore cats, and lemme just say – if you open a bookstore, you really must have a cat or two.

tiny at community bookstore

 photo IMG_9809_zpspghh3hic.jpg

hampton at corner bookstore

 photo IMG_9822_zpswvcswkj3.jpg

and harriett at shakespeare & co

 photo IMG_9820_zpsburawnys.jpg

there’s also this little cutie named molly:

 photo IMG_1036_zpspeansyvp.jpg

who i ran into while on an adventure not too long ago, but i didn’t want to bother her with picture-snapping since all new yorkers know you wanna give celebrities a little breathing room. plus, this little girl’s been through a lot in her life without me documenting her private time:

other adorable mentions are keetah, who presides over the vinyl at bleecker street records, and is probably an awesome dj after hours

 photo IMG_9812_zpspsybjd2f.jpg

and who totally looks like he belongs in the band from the aristocats:

 photo IMG_9811_zps0lrlghy5.jpg

also bud; a sweet little girl-cat who sheds it up at chenille cleaners, being so adorable that a customer offered her ‘owner’ $2,500, because that’s a totally reasonable sum to pay for a cat, but no sale.

 photo IMG_9815_zps7ok1m0ug.jpg

she reputedly has “the softest fur,” but i know my maggie’ll win that prize every time.

 photo IMG_1041_zpsbwqt2bkt.jpg

this little guy is my favorite – 10-year-old sammy, who works security, employee-soothing, and keyboard-stomping in the tiny offices of mph, which provides messenger and courier services.

 photo IMG_9807_zps6d6g96wm.jpg

 photo IMG_9806_zpsgextbw22.jpg

i love his crazy-ass whiskers and little red beard-area.

lionel maintains the bubble wrap at the red caboose hobby shop, which is a very important job, indeed

 photo IMG_9816_zpspenh0dsz.jpg

and the there’s chloe

 photo IMG_9819_zps5i55oam3.jpg

who is SEVENTEEN and looks damn good for her age, despite being yowly and deaf and living on a desk. if i ever end up in an office job again, this is how i shall decorate:

 photo IMG_9818_zpsbhi4nvls.jpg

and i will have my own personal assistant to help me type. perhaps i will even learn how to use capital letters under a kitty’s scrutiny.

 photo IMG_1037_zpswxkilsn0.jpg

i also love spooky, who lives in a bike shop in park slope, although i fear for his tail. beware, little one!

 photo IMG_9810_zpsfkx5ye89.jpg

i’m also in love with kitty, even though living in a pilates studio has given her many white hairs

 photo IMG_1032_zpszmlifpox.jpg

look at those eyes

 photo IMG_1033_zps1njit3qx.jpg

although – again – i gotta go with maggie FTW

 photo IMG_0888_zpsufqecxan.jpg

one more for the road! this is charlie, who lives at smoke scene, which is a smoke and vape shop:

 photo IMG_1040_zpsdwnafd6j.jpg

make no mistake, charlie totally judges you when you vape.

so there you go – shop cats! being cute so you’ll buy more stuff. like this book.

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