Rene-Charles: NYC: Little Bulldog in the Big CityRene-Charles: NYC: Little Bulldog in the Big City by Evan Cuttic, Ryan Nalls
My rating: 3/5 cats
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on the one hand, yesthis dog is adorable:

 photo IMG_6768_zps7rilzz5s.jpg

 photo IMG_9679_zpsbytdrttm.jpg

and i’m saying that as someone with a very well-documented stance against animals in clothing.

 photo IMG_6770_zpsb4qrpoax.jpg

i myself have several items of clothing featuring julius the monkey, so i’m powerless against those jammies.

however, i also think that animals, particularly this pup, are cute enough as is without ascribing a whole detailed personality to them, especially a personality that would be tedious in a human, but is nonsensical in a dog. because rené-charles lives up to his prissy name by being a squat little diva who is (apparently) fond of expensive restaurants, fashion, sleeping, and tons of alcohol: vodka, wine, champagne…

 photo IMG_6760_zpsxs7cuuyt.jpg

 photo IMG_6763_zpst20v69en.jpg

it’s like if ab fab were a dog. and less funny.

isn’t it enough that your dog is cute?

 photo IMG_6764_zpso22m4y7s.jpg

cute enough to make me tolerate all his little outfits?

 photo IMG_6767_zpsh26w90fp.jpg

without diminishing that cuteness with captions so ill-suited to a dog?

 photo IMG_6777_zps4bh7u3bs.jpg

 photo IMG_6778_zps2ur8plgr.jpg

 photo IMG_6771_zpszlsgkzsq.jpg

 photo IMG_6772_zpss8lidqw9.jpg

 photo IMG_9675_zps07q2syee.jpg

 photo IMG_9676_zpsrqdj8roa.jpg

or others that are just the laziest generic teen snark?

 photo IMG_6779_zpsa5cue6jl.jpg

 photo IMG_6780_zpsdgfxws9q.jpg

 photo IMG_6783_zpszemwq6oi.jpg

 photo IMG_6784_zps6sapov40.jpg

or are so dull you wonder why they bothered?

 photo IMG_6765_zpswlbq6wx4.jpg

 photo IMG_6766_zps8eqnk5ga.jpg

here, let me remove the captions and we will see an instant improvement:

 photo IMG_6781_zpskuijlcg4.jpg

View Spoiler »

 photo IMG_6753_zps1hmrpone.jpg

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 photo IMG_9680_zpslntmlccu.jpg

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better, right?

there were a couple i thought had okay captions. because the contagion is real:

 photo IMG_6749_zpsn9rfmcdb.jpg

 photo IMG_6750_zpshm2yctsx.jpg

because of the intensity of that face:

 photo IMG_6759_zpsenkmdbfo.jpg

 photo IMG_6758_zpsbprr7pwi.jpg

because the holidays are hard:

 photo IMG_6774_zps7ocwlqz6.jpg

 photo IMG_6775_zpsypfckgot.jpg

but this is not a book that needs words, and this:

 photo IMG_9677_zpsnmgkpyqb.jpg

is a dog with enough natural personality there’s no need to paint him in mediocre sitcom zingers. it would have been a higher star cat-rating if it had just been the pictures. because he’s undeniably precious of face.

oh, and he’s on instagram. naturally.…

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