Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today?Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today? by Kate Bingaman-Burt

omphaloskepsis times two!!

seriously, i have reached the limit of my tolerance for cutie-pie hipsters who think they are the center of the ever-lovin’ universe.

i am through.

little drawings of little things you bought every day?? not even good drawings?? and for this you get a book deal because you have a cutie pie little blog and probably have a lot of musician friends in williamsburg? oh, right, it is all dressed up in words: a commentary on consumerism and the community of objects. oh my god – shoot me, can’t you? who cares that much about you and why is this book selling?? it enrages me!

and ohhh the confession, and you can almost hear the squeakiness “oh, sometimes i forced the project and bought things just cuz i wanted to draw them!” hee giggle squeak.

uggggg one more useless person creating useless “art” about useless things while some people can’t afford food. awesome.

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this feels gauche, but when i announced i was starting a blog, everyone assured me this is a thing that is done. i’m not on facebook, i’ve never had a cellphone or listened to a podcast; so many common experiences of modern life are foreign to me, but i’m certainly struggling financially, so if this is how the world works now, i’d be foolish to pass it up. any support will be received with equal parts gratitude and bewilderment.

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