Metal CatsMetal Cats by Alexandra Crockett
My rating: 4/5 cats
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metal dudes and their cats. i love it when a book knows i want to see something before i know it myself. not that i’m super-into metal – i would be surprised if i had heard of even five of these bands. but i do like cats. and i do like novelty.

now, with some of these cats, you can just tell they are thinking “why do i have to be owned by such a massively cheesy douchebag?”

and with some others, you want to shout: “learn how to hold a cat properly, asshole!!”

and this one might need to be fed a little less

but in some of the pictures, you can tell they really love their kitties, and it is sweet to see these metal dudes able to pause the tough guy image and just snuggle

and just to keep it interesting, there’s this guy, who didn’t read the memo

and whatever this shit is:

but mostly – yay for cats! and yay for something i never would have thought i needed to own, but now do. i throw my money at you, economy!

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