Man, I Hate Cursive: Cartoons for People and Advanced BearsMan, I Hate Cursive: Cartoons for People and Advanced Bears by Jim Benton
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this book is by that dude that drew all those mean/sarcastic bunnies that seemed to pop up everywhere during my late adolescence:

i have a pillow he designed, and i discovered this book while looking for a replacement for it because this:

 photo IMG_7126_zpsuak5zzda.jpg

is unacceptable.

alas, i could not find one.

the book, though, i totally found, and it’s a fun collection of his artwork/humor. he’s blessed with a capability to draw in a wide range of styles, none of which look like those bunnies.

 photo IMG_8035_zpsrp2kot7z.jpg

 photo IMG_8028_zps4kbbqb3f.jpg

 photo IMG_8015_zpsqnxw4an2.jpg

there are also instances where he seems to be channeling/referencing other artists, but that might just be my untrained art eyes.

this reminds me of jeffrey brown’s star wars stuff:

 photo IMG_8031_zpsdpqs2nzu.jpg

this is as round and cute as liz climo:

 photo IMG_8029_zpss1p1he6j.jpg

this one reminds me a little of matt groening

 photo IMG_8030_zpskohmparm.jpg

and this is basically just a new yorker cartoon:

 photo IMG_8022_zpstwrdokb8.jpg

most of it is good—he’s got this silly, irreverent, sometimes sick humor that appeals to me:

 photo IMG_8039_zpsamcdflpm.jpg

 photo IMG_8037_zpswowhcssy.jpg

 photo IMG_8040_zps4jn2xk1n.jpg

although this one was a bit of a departure from his typically snarky tone, with its attempt to hit the awwwww:

 photo IMG_8016_zpshagwseai.jpg

instead of the ewwwww:

 photo IMG_8021_zpsep2jsh1k.jpg

but i guess everyone needs a family circus moment…

this one is probably my favorite:

 photo IMG_8019_zpsre5pfyxl.jpg

although this one is also a contender, because it reminds me so much of interactions on a booksite so dear to my heart:

 photo IMG_8020_zpsfq7xhelr.jpg

i just like the…oddness of his mind.

 photo IMG_8026_zps9ceokdok.jpg

 photo IMG_8033_zpsir3azzr8.jpg

 photo IMG_8023_zpshmdu7x7m.jpg

especially when i can totally attest to the accuracy of his situations:

 photo IMG_8024_zpscfwhzvlm.jpg

all i know is that lately, i have been team sloth:

 photo IMG_8036_zpsnwcznjtm.jpg

and this helped give me the giggles i needed so very much. thanks for the laffs, jim benton! now send me a new pillow, please!

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