If It Fits, I Sits: Cats in Awkward PlacesIf It Fits, I Sits: Cats in Awkward Places by Various
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man, i have really been disappointed with my latest batch of silly cat-themed picture books. on the one hand, the quality of the photography in this one is excellent, and while many of the captions are dumb,

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that is just par for the course with these books, and some of them are genuinely funny.

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but it’s just lacking that certain something that would raise it above the general fray of cat-meme books. most of the images are shutterstock, which takes a little of the soul out of itpart of the charm of these books is in the collaborative spirit of pet-owners submitting their own pictures, instead of the sad mental image of a bunch of bright-eyed interns scouring the internet for pictures so an easy buck could be made (not by them, of course).

but it’s hard to be too grinchy when there are cats in the mix, right? cats being in things where no cats should be?

 photo IMG_2995_zpsbugdqovt.jpg

cats contorting themselves into unholy positions?

 photo IMG_3015_zpsygadwnjc.jpg

cats i am super-worried about because NO!

 photo IMG_3011_zpsidzfivut.jpg

the best thing about this book is very basic – these are photographs of some gorgeous cats, even when the photographs don’t really live up to the expectations of the book’s premise:

 photo IMG_2991_zpsvq0pzdzb.jpg

i mean, a cat on a ledge isn’t that unusual, but damn, that’s one fine-looking beast.

same with cat in the snow. hardly a novelty in places where snow and cats coexist, but i do like the cat-tail angel it made.

 photo IMG_3014_zpsfqncsyg2.jpg

cat in a box – that’s pretty much a daily occurrence around here, and it’s not something that should impress any cat owner

 photo IMG_2997_zpsvedm3pfl.jpg

but those eyes!

 photo IMG_2998_zpsy2nacom9.jpg

such a lovely creature, even though i don’t typically love white cats.

speaking of eyes,

 photo IMG_2985_zpswrhwbxil.jpg

 photo IMG_2986_zpsw9gnwox3.jpg

again, not the most unusual place a cat has ever been, but i’m still kind of hypnotized by that creature’s beautiful fuzziness.

and i freely admit that this one freaks me out a little

 photo IMG_2984_zpstmkijorc.jpg

what IS it, even?

and of course, there are plenty of bookcats, for those of you without instagram

 photo IMG_3009_zpsoichlugo.jpg

 photo IMG_3008_zps1msz4ck4.jpg

 photo IMG_3001_zpsokw27ryy.jpg

so even though a lot of these feel like you’ve seen them a thousand times before (and you probably have)

 photo IMG_2992_zpswgip6ril.jpg

 photo IMG_2983_zpssk4pnyc6.jpg

there are worse things you could do with your time than looking at pictures of cats.

grouchy cats

 photo IMG_3007_zpssvoisgce.jpg

 photo IMG_3002_zpstldr9kub.jpg

inconsiderate cats

 photo IMG_2989_zpsmkdjjttu.jpg

 photo IMG_2993_zps5pgivdyd.jpg

hope you have an exit strategy cats

 photo IMG_3005_zpstpuzympw.jpg

 photo IMG_2996_zpsi61wwz5t.jpg

three stars because beautiful cats are beautiful, but not the most unusual or impressive collection of pictures of cats in strange things. here, let me show you how it’s done:

see, i can be an intern! or preferably a millionaire. someone throw money at me, please!

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