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unfortunately, Cat Shaming does not live up to the bigtime laffs of its predecessor, Dog Shaming. and it’s partly down to concept and partly down to content.

on the concept side, this was destined to be a failure simply due to the nature of the beast. show me a cat who feels shame and i will unzip it to reveal that it’s really a dog in a cat costume. cats aren’t pack animals, they have no biological imperative to consider the needs of others in their social group; they do exactly what they want and never look back

does this look like a creature with any relationship to ‘shame?’

 photo IMG_3128_zpswqvqjf8x.jpg

 photo IMG_2964_zpsq8hqo1jm.jpg

at least the dogs pretended to be ashamed.

this little buddy comes the closest, but i’m pretty sure he’s just being sarcastic.

 photo IMG_3142_zpsx72s1cbf.jpg

as for the content side of things – it’s a little slapdash. many of the photos are blurry, off-center, poorly lit; one of the signs is even misspelled. in some, you can barely see the cat

 photo IMG_2968_zpsvhee4oas.jpg

 photo IMG_3124_zpsa2txcgkl.jpg

we want catface!!! give us the catface!

 photo IMG_2977_zpsnbrtzlug.jpg

 photo IMG_3121_zpsrtkccqcz.jpg

 photo IMG_2945_zpssnbejws8.jpg

and many of the signs and photos are pixilated which makes the whole thing seem cheap.

 photo IMG_2941_zps8wgdcwcd.jpg

for the most part, it’s all variations on the same few themes:

‘i threw up here’

 photo IMG_2978_zpsi2ksxeqe.jpg

 photo IMG_2972_zpszwyhvqcv.jpg

‘i pooped here’

 photo IMG_3141_zpswg7bieid.jpg

 photo IMG_3118_zpsjy4t9fly.jpg

‘i scratched/chewed this’

 photo IMG_2970_zps3wpopl1a.jpg

 photo IMG_2949_zpsdibb5iad.jpg

‘i am fat’

 photo IMG_3135_zpsspjcldsm.jpg

it’s just less…fun overall, which is unfathomable, since cats > dogs.

having said that, there are some standouts:

 photo IMG_2975_zps81g1us0u.jpg

i kind of want to own this cat, to see this show every single night. i have so many stuffed animals to drown!

 photo IMG_3143_zps8a8zyjwx.jpg

hahaahaha sorry, that’s awful, but what a dick. that’s what grandma gets for having that yappy little sweater-dog.

 photo IMG_2981_zpsiwzpjp0r.jpg

see what i mean? that’s just straight-up dickish behavior. ‘oh, were you gonna eat that? my bad. shhhh, grooming now.’

 photo IMG_2974_zpsw54gievv.jpg

absolutely no reason for a cat to step into a pie except to be malicious. they might not be familiar with ‘shame,’ but they are well-versed in ‘ruining it for everyone.’

 photo IMG_2951_zpszoc2xa2x.jpg

that’s no idle threat. she’ll do it a million times and laugh each time the human throws up their hands in horror but nonetheless gets down on their knees to extract poopy ribbon. while the cat calmly plots further acts of sabotage and displays of dominance.

 photo IMG_2963_zps8qhgx59q.jpg

lesson here – don’t yell at your cat. they do not like it.

 photo IMG_2965_zpsgor5o6vi.jpg

the recurrence of this situation implied by the verb tenses is what kills me. don’t throw out those signs!

 photo IMG_2971_zps2nsb95lf.jpg

this is how my dad has acquired many of his cats.

there are some situations that are very familiar to me, again with zero shame ever:

 photo IMG_3125_zps30tj6o3n.jpg

 photo IMG_2956_zps7r5evt8r.jpg

 photo IMG_3137_zpslky1spfv.jpg

and in the ‘can you blame them?’ category:

 photo IMG_2973_zpsqsc85rea.jpg

it’s cheese!

 photo IMG_3132_zpslzpjc9t0.jpg

it’s a unicorn!!

 photo IMG_2946_zpsknrmupa3.jpg

it’s beer!!

 photo IMG_3138_zpsgibzb0vk.jpg

it’s cheese again!

tomorrow i will shame maggie and document it here.

or i would have, except it’s the first night since i can remember that she didn’t do the thing she does every single night now. almost like she knew….

okay, so after that one night off, she returned to her terrible antics. every night, before bed, i have to go through a series of rituals – move the cardboard bed she scratches, move the bags she scratches, make sure sean’s notebook is tucked away, etc etc. but her new new thing is at 4 am every morning, she jumps on my computer desk and types utter gibberish into my notepad doc and puts her butt on the capslock so in the morning when i am trying to log in, it messes with my case-sensitive password and every morning i forget this and and infuriated that i can’t log in until i remember. and that’s fine, but there’s also this:

 photo IMG_3147_zpszrxq0zni.jpg

every morning she gets her little claws into this one specific drawer and yanks it out so all the thumbtacks go clattering all over the desk. she doesn’t try to get into the drawers with less weapony contents, like the paper clips or the rubber bands – just the one with the thumbtacks because she wants them to go onto the floor to wound me. because she is wicked mean.

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