GrizzlysharkGrizzlyshark by Ryan Ottley
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and that’s no lie

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this book is my new favorite thing. and – wow – does my new favorite thing have a lot of negative reviews here on goodreads. the objections seem to be: 1) this is really dumb and 2) this is a one-joke book.

do i disagree? not at all. this is SO DUMB it should be wearing a helmet so it doesn’t hurt itself. and yup, there’s just one joke. but when that joke is, “sharks messily eat people on land – whaaaaaaaaat?” i’m telling you – that joke does not get old for me.

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my expectations for graphic novels are fairly low – be pretty, make me laugh, entertain me.

was it pretty? well, no – the artwork is not spectacular, but

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the gore is wonderful and wonderfully silly

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did it make me laugh? oh, yes.

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i may have peed myself.

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fortunately, i have a bottom half.

did it entertain me? hell’s bells, it did! there is a BEAR fighting a SHARK!

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what more does anyone need to be entertained?

it is wildly implausible – biologically, medically, zoologically – although it is totally true that you should punch attacking sharks in their noses if you can. it helps if you are mighty

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maybe i should myself be fitted for a helmet, but i loved this stupid book.

look at that shark push that bear off a boat!

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and then ride off in search of more human victims

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and tell me you aren’t totally rooting for him.

maybe i am the dumbest person on the internet, but at least i’m laughing my way to the short bus.

this is how many stars i give this book




i did not win, but i’m okay with that.

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