Dogs on the BeachDogs on the Beach by Lara Jo Regan
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remember when i got unreasonably grouchy at Dogs in Cars because some of the photos were of dogs just sitting in cars and not exclusively photos depicting what MY understanding of the phrase “dogs in cars” means, which is dogs riding in cars with their little faces sticking out the window, ears and jowls flapping joyfully in the wind?

well, now she has a second book out called Dogs on The Beach and all is forgiven because these doggies are all on beaches and no one can stay unreasonably angry when there is SO MUCH WET DOGGY FUN!!

what do dogs do when they are on beaches, you ask???

why, they meet up with their beach-twins, of course!

although sometimes they get too attached

they also become introduced to other species of animal

and vegetable

and eeeeevil

there are also lots of balls

ACK! that is not a dog toy! that is a toy for GM!

doggies also enjoy the boardwalk

and acting tough

like they’re not afraid of birds

or sharks

or waves – as long as they can hide behind something bigger and perhaps tastier than themselves.

and then they get worn out and have naptime

and you have to clean all the doggie sand outta your car (maybe inspiring a photography book called Wet Dogs In Cars???)

but it’s well worth it because DOGGIES! on the BEACH!!!

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