Deep Dark FearsDeep Dark Fears by Fran Krause
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this is a fun idea – fran krause started documenting and illustrating his irrational fears over here on tumblr and then put out an open call for submissions. people sent him the gory details of their craziest fears in full-frontal psychological nakedness, and he made ’em into doodles.

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there are 101 of them collected here.

and none of them are from people afraid of anything straightforward like dogs or clowns or heights. these are all very specific, very involved fears and some of them are playing a little loosey goosey with the definition of “fear” if you ask me.

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ceci n’est pas une peur.

far be it from me to dictate what people can and cannot be afraid of, but some of the examples here seem to be striving for cleverness or uniqueness rather than authenticity.

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and that’s no way to heal, man…

i’ve grouped a few of them, as i do –

things it is NOT irrational, but rather completely appropriate and healthy to fear:

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fears i already have:

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fears i developed after reading this:

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and its variation on the theme:

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not irrational fears so much as shitty parenting:

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not irrational fears so much as strategy:

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not irrational fears so much as childhood adorableness:

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the contributors have all been given credit in the book’s backmatter, although most of them are going by “anonymous” or some sort of pseudonymous screen name.

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there are also four unattributed fears, which may be krause’s own, or may be the irrational fears of a g-g-g-ghost!

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i leave you with this urban legend fear, in which the call is coming from inside the review.

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