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Cloning PetsCloning Pets by Sean Stewart Price


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okay, so my prediction of “one million maggies” may have been unrealistic. i did make several new maggies, but they were not all perfect success stories.

and i didn’t take into consideration that cats all kind of need their own space, and now that they are everywhere, there have been complications.

as for the “where they are”

they are on my bed!

in a box!

and in the hallway!

this one likes to hang out on the windowsill:

 photo DSC00072_zps2be26429.jpg

this one hides behind my computer monitor:

 photo DSC00076_zpseb2edfdd.jpg

this one prefers to sleep in her own cat bed:

this one will just sleep on any old book:

as for the pitfalls… this one got too much robot dna:

this one is too emo

this one ate all my bananas

this one, sadly, got eaten by a monkey after eating all the monkey’s bananas:

this one is too ferocious:

 photo DSC00074_zpse944c701.jpg

this one is too sleepy:

this one likes her stuffed kitty more than she likes me

i think this one is my favorite, with her big yellow eye and fuzzy ruff. actually, i think this is just the original maggie. hmmm. i could probably have avoided all of this trouble…


 photo IMG_7411_zpsvsjehiog.jpg

with maggie’s stupid cancer diagnosis, i am in need of this project now more than ever. FYI, the “review” i wrote for this book way back when was nothing more than a hoax, and i did not, in fact, clone one million maggies. THIS WILL BE RECTIFIED!

i have in my possession three maggie-whiskers – two black and one mature white.

 photo IMG_7417_zpslguhdqyp.jpg

never fear, i did not pluck them from maggie’s sweet face, they have fallen out naturally over the years and i saved them because 1) they are adorable and 2) i’m a weirdo. but now they are going to come in handy!

send me the cloning kit, science! i have some work to do!

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