Chew, Vol. 10: Blood Puddin'Chew, Vol. 10: Blood Puddin’ by John Layman, Rob Guillory
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LAST TIME, GUYS! now that i am all caught up on reviewing the chews (if not the other giant stack of pending reviews) i will hopefully be able to review them book-by-book as they come out like a normal person and not like the laziest person in the world as i have been up to now.

i will say that this volume was a little bit of a letdown, considering how strong chew 9 was. that’s not to say there’s nothing cool in this one, because there are some very big things that happen in realizations

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and … other things

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and somehow still more weird food-related powers popping up whose reveals get funnier and funnier as the series goes on and you think, “surely this well has run dry!!” but nothe well provides.

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but despite there being some closure to some storylines here, it felt a teensy bit fillery to me, and the whole “brace yourself for tragedy” thing these guys like to do in this series fell flat for me only because they already murdered my heart 4 books ago so anything after that is anticlimactic

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but i’m still completely invested in this story and i’m not going anywhere. so, last lazy time, here we go:

i burned through all ten published volumes of this series in a matter of months, and while i managed a fairly coherent review of the first volume, i am overwhelmed by the thought of going back and reviewing volumes 2-10, trying to recapture that innocent mindset that didn’t know what happened in subsequent volumes and trying to stay within the lines of the volume i’d be reviewing.

my hat is off to you serial comic book/graphic novel reviewers who are able to consistently churn out smart, comprehensive, and entertaining reviews that manage to discuss the book itself as well as its place within the larger universe of the series or character’s existence.

i can’t do that. i read these so compulsively and so quicklylike jamming cookies into a mouth that was already crammed with cookiesthat it’s just too much road to backtrack and too many metaphors to mix and since i have so many other books that i have to review, i’m going to take a totally cheap opt-out review path and just post pictures from each book that i enjoy for reasons pertaining to the plot, or just cuz i like the damn pictures.

and maybe now that i have to wait a couple of months until volume 11 comes out, i’ll be able to do that one proper review-style, but right nowtoo full of stress and anxiety and just wanting to make this stack of books needing reviews go down LGM.

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good things, big things, gingerbread things and more.

what will happen now???


i know i still have to review volumes 2-9 of this, and this isn’t going to be a proper review, either, but just a loooong groan about how i already burned through all of the published books in this series and now i have to wait until MAY to continue with the story and that is so UNJUST!

and yes, i read this volume while i ate an entire rotisserie chicken with my hands. like a fox in my own chicken speakeasy.

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come and get me, tony chu…

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