Baking With KafkaBaking With Kafka by Tom Gauld
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gather ‘round, booknerds!

this is a collection of tom gauld’s cartoons, most of which (all of which?) appeared in the guardian, and most of which are book-centric in theme and somewhere on the spectrum of insightful <————————>absurd in tone.

or, to represent that visually:

 photo IMG_5155_zpsiufhxiop.jpg <————————>  photo IMG_5152_zpsu4ixa690.jpg

he cracks me up, and i’m glad this collection exists, because it’s one of those perfect gifts to give to other booknerds during gift-exchanging holidays. tom gauld is one of us.

 photo IMG_5148_zps1sosltt0.jpg

and we can only nod along and murmur, “draw it, friend,” to his often silly but spot-on depiction of book life:

 photo IMG_5156_zpstqjpnvuh.jpg

 photo IMG_5154_zpscwa1aork.jpg

 photo IMG_5157_zpsyervkycr.jpg

and not for nothing, he also draws an excellent shark:

 photo IMG_5147_zpsgeifht64.jpg

these are two of my favorites, with a variation-on-theme bonus:

 photo IMG_5151_zpsz515mbzu.jpg

 photo IMG_5150_zpsarqez8kw.jpg

it’s just fun, funny, booknerdy stuff. and again—a (f)unexpected gift for your booknerd pals. that’s not me dropping hints—i already have it. and while i am boasting of my possessions, marvel at these buttons connor got me featuring characters from this book:


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