Across the Green Grass Fields (Wayward Children, #6)Across the Green Grass Fields by Seanan McGuire
My rating: 4/5 cats
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3 1/2 rounded up.

i still love this series, but if i’m being honest, the last two have been, in my heart, more “very good friends” to me than “soulmates.” it’s not down to me losing interest in this concept or (heaven forbid) any diminishment in mcguire’s skills, because Juice Like Wounds, a short story i read weeks after this one, is both a perfect short story and my absolute favorite wayward children piece yet.

i still haven’t managed to review book 5, Come Tumbling Down, because i felt like there was something wrong with me for not loving it. i really liked jack and jill in the other books, and i’d been looking forward to more of their story as soon as i learned they’d be returning, so when i was left underwhelmed after reading it, i worried that i’d become too damaged for that particular door to open for me again or maybe even too broken to take joy in anything anymore &blah &blah &emo weeping.

and then there was this one, this one about a portal to a world with friggin’ unicorns in it, which is all i’ve ever wanted since my babydays.

wayward children + unicorns sounds like something i made up in a dream as the cure for all of 2020 (so far), and while i’d be grateful for a portal anywhere right now, and tho’ i DID love what dum dums these particular unicorns were, the story as a whole just struck a medium chord with me.

i’m going to reread this when it comes out in january, with the expectation that 2021 will find us all in a better place and i will be able to enjoy everything more, but i think i figured out why it didn’t transport me over the moon.

each of these books is different, not only in the nature of the world behind the door, but also in the “why” of the story, which is something i love and admire with mcguire/grant in general—her imagination and conceptual risk-taking, but here the storyweight didn’t work for me.

i don’t consider anything i’m about to say here a spoiler, but i’m going to put it under a spoiler tag for reasons that should be clear to anyone who has been on this site for a minute.

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TL;DR: this isn’t my favorite in the series, story-wise, but i’m forever in awe of her writing ability—her worldbuilding, her conceptual range, the way she’s always trying out new storytelling angles within this series. even the ones i don’t love in my reader-heart i admire from a critical standpoint.

also, unicorns.

hahaha yoonicorns, y r u so dum?

review to come.




seanan mcguire. unicorns.

i think i just found my will to live.

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