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once upon a couple days ago, i was working at my computer when i saw a gigantic waterbug cruising along the wall beside me. i tried to trap him under a glass, but he scuttled into a space too narrow for capture and by the time i’d hauled myself down to the ground to get a better angle on him, he’d vanished.

but nothing that big can truly vanish, so i know he’s still in here somewhere, chittering away.

i can only assume he emerges whenever i’m out of the apartment, living his life like some sitcom kafka wrote to pay the bills.

taking long relaxing bubble baths:

reading all my books, probably dog-earing the pages:

trying on all my clothes:

and taking long waterbuggy naps in my bed:

when i eventually catch him (and i WILL catch him), i will toss him out on his skittery freeloading ass. unless he coughs up all the back rent he owes. or offers to do some of the chores, perhaps organizing some of the smaller bugs i suspect are also squatting around here somewhere (it being NYFC after all) into some nightmare version of cinderella’s helper critters.

so far, he’s laying low. i will post developments as they arise…




  1. Avatar


    February 5, 2019 at 2:01 pm

    I love your blog!

    I’ve always followed and loved your Goodreads reviews. This is awesome. I love your April cute drawing project so.

    • karen t. brissette

      karen t. brissette

      February 6, 2019 at 9:19 am

      aww, thank you! i’m going to be starting up the monthly projects again soon. photobucket has been down for a couple months, so i was taking a little sabbatical, but it’s up again, so maybe there will be more drawing projects in the coming months. who can even predict what will happen? NO ONE!

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this feels gauche, but when i announced i was starting a blog, everyone assured me this is a thing that is done. i’m not on facebook, i’ve never had a cellphone or listened to a podcast; so many common experiences of modern life are foreign to me, but i’m certainly struggling financially, so if this is how the world works now, i’d be foolish to pass it up. any support will be received with equal parts gratitude and bewilderment.

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