UnderworldUnderworld by Don DeLillo
My rating: 3/5 cats
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seriously, why does everyone suck this book’s dick so much?

this book was recommended to me by an ex (who also recommended zuleika dobson and the joke, so he had a good track record until then) who knew how much i liked infinite jest so he thought i would like this one. and if i only liked infinite jest because it was a long book written by a white male, then i suppose i would have liked this book. but i didn’t, so it must be something else i’m drawn to in the wallace.

i remember i was reading this at the airport where i was going to meet him, like a dutiful girlfriend, and just having my jaw drop at the first part. not because it was soooo goooood like everyone here seems to think. am i really the only one who felt embarrassed by the whole life magazine thing? i remember looking around after i read that part to see if someone was playing a trick on me. when he got off the plane, i just sat there, shaking my head at him sadly. it was the beginning of the end.

look – i really liked white noise, but this i just felt to be a bloated, wooden, oddly-phrased book whose language didn’t charm me, but made me unhappy. and then he goes and publishes the first bit as a separate book? who does that?? sorry, delillo – its not terrible, so it gets no 2 stars cats, but i barely cared about anything in this book, and it ruined a relationship. if i die alone, it’s your fault.

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