The UnitThe Unit by Ninni Holmqvist
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hmmm. so this was supposed to be for my “october is dystopian/apocalyptic month.” and for most people, this book would definitely fall on the dystopian side of things. am i crazy for thinking i could thrive (for a few years anyway, until i run out of parts) in this type of environment? here’s the rundown: if ladies don’t have kids by the age of 50, and men by 60, and they have no elderlies of their own to take care of, or a job that involves caring for others (teacher, doctor, etc), they get shipped off to a facility where they are housed in pretty plush apartments (with cameras, but no biggie), amazing-sounding food, exercise facilities, library, theater etc. the catch is that you have to perform in drug-testing or psychological experiments and eventually give up your organs. eventually, all of them. but imagine living for three years uninterrupted, getting to read and eat and be left alone with no job or responsibilities except keeping your organs in good condition? this appeals so much to the part of me that wants to go to a loony bin or jail or somewhere just… away…where i can be left alone to read and not have to worry about what i will eat or wear or how i will pay for things. i think about it more than is probably healthy, but it would be so nice to just not take responsibility for once. but this book kind of made my mouth water. because i don’t see mommy-ing in my future, and someone should get a use from my parts, right?? i’m big on being useful. and i was giving blood yesterday, thinking “yeah, i could get used to this… take my kidney, take some marrow, whatever…” (i really love giving blood) so as long as they take my eyes last, and i can still read – sign me up, sweden – i give you my body.

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