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more adorables from liz climo!

after discovering and loving Lobster Is the Best Medicine: A Collection of Comics About Friendship recently, i knew i needed to get my hands on more of her stuff. i’m not someone who is good at internetting, so while the rest of you have been long enjoying her work on the facebook and the tumblr, i’m late to the game here and it’s ALL NEW to me!

you computer folks have probably already seen most of these (and many more) cartoons on her various sites, but this old-fashioned paper-book girl got these endpapers:

 photo IMG_3811_zpsqkuia1qn.jpg

so there.

i took a bunch of pictures of my favorites from the book, but they didn’t come out so hot, so i’m just going to internet-grab them, because that is one computer skill i do have.

like so:

and so:

in the cute-art tradition, you have your fullblown kawaii which is sweet enough to rot your teeth:

you have people like roman dirge who juxtapose the adorable with the horrifying:

and then you have liz climo, who is generally sweet and fun for the whole family, but will occasionally skew if not dark, at least a little dim:

 photo IMG_3885_zpsqotohrnq.jpg

but for the most part her strength is creating in these perfect, succinct interactions between creatures that are unexpected and silly in a way that makes you want to hug something.

 photo IMG_3883_zpsyqmv39be.jpg

 photo IMG_3876_zpsgip0u4cw.jpg

and my favorite:

it’s simple, cute stuff, but it just makes me grin.

 photo IMG_3880_zpsxpubgokl.jpg

 photo IMG_3878_zpsq6dctcbb.jpg

i dare you to look at this and not crack a smile, you monster:

 photo IMG_3887_zpsxbdvewft.jpg

i leave you with this life lesson:

 photo IMG_3884_zpsfxlzhh6n.jpg

and some obligatory foxen for greg:

 photo IMG_3879_zpsz6bejn7j.jpg

 photo IMG_3881_zpsuych50d6.jpg

more books for me, please!


sharks for now, review to come
but i’m officially a fan.

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