The Interpretation of MurderThe Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld
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i’m pretty neutral about this book. it was a fine sortof historical mystery with all the requisite elements like red herrings and dubious intentions and misread signals and girls tied up and whipped, but…eh. and i’m torn, because it is a perennial table book, but i think i might have to regulate its inclusion from now on, because in my opinion, it is all right but no great shakes. maybe people who are really into freud would like it more than i. this is me being too early for class and writing in the computer lab…maybe i will let my impressions ferment and write a more full-bodied review this evening. now i must learn!

nope—nothing fruitful came from the fermenting. and i didn’t learn anything except that this teacher presupposes a certain computer-vocabulary which i lack, and i am skeered that i will not be the best student in this class. and now i am ill and have a fever and i can only assume i caught swine flu from my computer class. rrrr

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