The EggThe Egg by Andy Weir
My rating: 3/5 cats
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people seem really taken with this story. and that’s super, but for once i don’t feel bad for not liking something as much as other people are liking it.

i’m a jonathan carroll fan. and this 4-page story is fine, but it’s really no different from some stoner youth’s “hey, imaaaagine if this is the way (insert unknowable situation here) really is?” and there’s a small amount of philosophy 101 back-and-forth and then it ends, and i assume you, the reader, are meant to be MIND = BLOWN!

but not me. because i have seen jonathan carroll take material like this and build entire universes upon it, while all the while also developing unusual and charming characters and their seductively clever dialogue. so this, to a lover of the jc, just feels unfinished. this is the foundation of a story, not a story in and of itself.

if this is your first of its kind – i understand the appeal.

but to me it’s just a throat clear.

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