okay, i am FINALLY getting the chance to write up my thanksgiving food adventure. it’s not as elaborate as in years past, and i’m sure the write-up itself will be far less winsome as well, but my life is one of diminishing returns, i’m just barely clinging on, but i’m doing my best!

first of allwhy didn’t anyone ever tell me the secret of turkey prices? i have never, in all the years i have been making thanksgivings, paid less than 30 dollars for a turkey, in the 19-22 pound range. the year i decided to be all rich and fancy and get one from the butcher, it was double that. but then THIS year, when i am at my very poorest, i decided to go to the super stop and shop that is not really close to my house, but is near enough that i greg could haul a turkey home on the subway without too much distress, and since it was such a problem finding a suitable turkey in my neighborhood last year, i thought i would check out to see what the old S & S had on offer.


i got a 19 pound turkey for $7.45.


now, maybe this is the price of a turkey where you are from, maybe this is something everyone knows except for me. maybe the mayor of my part of queens is a turkey trying to change holiday traditions so no one eats her relatives, i don’t know anything about politics or the economics related to the turkey market. all i know is that i got a whole giant turkey for less money than i spend at dunkin’ donuts every day.

and that was my thanksgiving miracle.

greg is officially on turkey-lugging detail every year from here on out.

but so here is the food, and i hope it makes your mouth water.

roasted brussels sprouts with grapes

before the grapes:

 photo IMG_5925_zpsx7fsnt5d.jpg

 photo IMG_5926_zpsnx4fcg20.jpg


 photo IMG_5927_zps7wcmd0zd.jpg

after the hazelnut topping was added:

 photo IMG_5930_zps8jestqfk.jpg

roasted carrots and beets with pecan pesto.


just the veggies:

 photo IMG_5869_zpsgploeaof.jpg

 photo IMG_5871_zpsehsfxig3.jpg

with the pesto:

 photo IMG_5923_zpsvw8syxut.jpg

 photo IMG_5924_zpsumes788z.jpg

green beans with toasted hazelnuts and browned butter

 photo IMG_5910_zpse35gvsve.jpg

 photo IMG_5911_zps1ujn9i8v.jpg

crispy parmesan-roasted butternut squash (it did not crisp up the way it was supposed to. but still delicious)

 photo IMG_5931_zpsjj8zdkgj.jpg

 photo IMG_5932_zpsdkohqtfi.jpg

creamy make-ahead mashed potatoes

before the cheese:

 photo IMG_5891_zpshyj2hnbr.jpg

after the cheese:

 photo IMG_5916_zpsbwwbjyaf.jpg

veggie medley (sweet potatoes, summer squash, zucchini, parsnips, arugula, various herbs)

before the feta:

 photo IMG_5907_zpsr8r3i6bv.jpg

 photo IMG_5908_zpsupyiw6el.jpg

after the feta:

 photo IMG_5919_zpsrvkrale5.jpg

cranberry cornmeal dressing

 photo IMG_5885_zpsbw81yuyt.jpg

 photo IMG_5888_zpsq7mu6rhe.jpg

and my dirt-cheap turkey

 photo IMG_5882_zpsmkuctkcm.jpg

 photo IMG_5875_zpsr4fwnozv.jpg


 photo IMG_5958_zpsmylx2gov.jpg

and here are my thanksgiving injuries. two burns, one cut – not too bad!

 photo IMG_5945_zpsludgmzfs.jpg

 photo IMG_5941_zpsdjw3bh3f.jpg

 photo IMG_5947_zpsietddbik.jpg

those injuries and a misplaced bag of dried cranberries were the only tragedies. i still don’t know where those cranberries went.

all in all, a good thanksgiving. for the first time since i started making thanksgiving, i decided to make it a different way. sean of the house was very apprehensive, because he loves my turkey recipe, but i am the queen of thanksgiving and no one tells me what to do! and he ended up liking it even more, so. it’s a toss-up for me. on the one hand, this is far and away the juiciest turkey i have ever made, but the skin done my old way is much crispier. this one gets covered in a kind of paste that protects the flesh but doesn’t let the skin get crunchy. the old way is a 3-day process of brining and a fussier roasting procedure, with four rotation stops along the way. this one is messier, but overall quicker. who knows what next year will bring? i know one thingit will bring me to super stop and shop, and it will bring a freaking cornbread stuffing. me and sean of the house have an agreementcornbread and “regular” stuffing will alternate year to year, in order to please us both. this year, i thought i had chosen a cornbread stuffing, but then i realized it was just cornmeal, and then i was too tired to choose a new one.and i thought it was pretty boring, but sean could not stop eating it and making obscene pleasure-noises. i haven’t made a cornbread stuffing in years, so next year is definitely my turn. which, considering i take on thanksgiving entirely on my own (except for the turkey lugging. thanks, greg!) but in terms of planning a new menu every year, buying the groceries and wine, cooking the whole feast, and doing the dishes, one wonders why i give him any input at all. this THANKSGIVING IS MINE is all my choice, by the wayi’m not being held captive as a thanksgiving slave. i just love thanksgiving and i don’t want any giant sean hands mucking up my feast. he even tried to cancel thanksgiving this year, on the grounds that everything is awful and exhausted and poor and backwards because of nightworking, but i said NOOOOOO. this is one of the few things i look forward to. ain’t no one taking away my thanksgiving fun. and it wasn’t so badi made some things the day before, and used the slow cooker for those feta-veggies, so it all got done efficiently. which is my middle name. along with “tiffany.”

so that was that. here’s last year’s thanksgiving, which also contains the links to all of my thanksgivings past, in case you love thanksgiving as much as i do.

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