thanksgiving aifaf!!!!!

and yes, i totally know that i am behind in the aifafs, but there are reasons and you can’t even complain because you are getting a thanksgiving adventure which is like the superbowl of aifafs and soon you will be getting a mega-adventure so stuff your face with potatoes and enjoy this thanksgiving spectacular!

thanksgiving is the best. THE BEST. the process begins here, with my ever-growing stack of thanksgiving-specific magazines:

 photo IMG_1144_zpsmuq0gwqj.jpg

maggie helps out with the winnowing-down

 photo IMG_1178_zpskv4sxgcy.jpg

this year i managed to narrow it down to 37 recipes on the first pass. this is an improvement! then came the many hard choices and sacrifices – the tears and the lamentations.

 photo IMG_3671_zpsfrs1q3ej.jpg

until thanksgiving time is finally here!! maggie also helps out on the day. in her own way.

 photo IMG_3846_zpslbfpqxtw.jpg

 photo IMG_3729_zpsunue4ozk.jpg

and here are the dishes that made the cut for thanksgiving 2015 woot woot

roasted cauliflower with grapes

 photo IMG_3817_zpszmzmgwqa.jpg

 photo IMG_3821_zpsfpgfuxrw.jpg

 photo IMG_3833_zpsf9ejpbe1.jpg

 photo IMG_3832_zpsv2ulpsnt.jpg

sourdough, bacon, and mushroom stuffing

 photo IMG_3814_zpssde6ijz5.jpg

 photo IMG_3825_zpsgrs3enbe.jpg

 photo IMG_3824_zpsqr5a06dt.jpg

scalloped sweet potatoes with fontina cheese and thyme

 photo IMG_3849_zpsdc38i8wd.jpg

 photo IMG_3861_zpsraibuzfo.jpg

 photo IMG_3862_zpsajggbdlf.jpg

cranberry-glazed carrots

 photo IMG_3826_zpssnbmzil2.jpg

which made me SO MAD because this is what the magazine said they would look like

 photo IMG_3839_zpsgqknywnp.jpg

and this is what they looked like for real which is NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT RED. rooned thanksgiving

 photo IMG_3838_zpssb2zrvnx.jpg

cornbread with bacon crust

 photo IMG_3863_zpsvedmpnz8.jpg

 photo IMG_3869_zps1kobvdpy.jpg

 photo IMG_3870_zpsirxqzdgh.jpg

green beans in yellow pepper butter

 photo IMG_3850_zpsvmmirmqn.jpg

 photo IMG_3864_zpsrcuayeiy.jpg

 photo IMG_3859_zps8gmnbgxm.jpg

cheesy parsnip potatoes

 photo IMG_3802_zpssdtpthtt.jpg

 photo IMG_3807_zpsihxs1ec0.jpg

 photo IMG_3805_zpsxazt01wc.jpg

brussels sprouts with butternut squash and pomegranate seeds

 photo IMG_3812_zpscokmy07l.jpg

 photo IMG_3925_zps9yxp2gwr.jpg

 photo IMG_3927_zpsywokpfyl.jpg

turkey in various stages of cooking.

 photo IMG_3865_zpsuxtwitxc.jpg

 photo IMG_3867_zpsxxqdgfgf.jpg

 photo IMG_3880_zpsq7bwenyq.jpg

 photo IMG_3891_zpsdp5uwe23.jpg

 photo IMG_3892_zps13ubfuxb.jpg

 photo IMG_3894_zpsahavnwdw.jpg

 photo IMG_3895_zps7p9m89i2.jpg

oh my god i did it! i kicked the ass of thanksgiving!

 photo IMG_3933_zpswakdvkjp.jpg

 photo IMG_3930_zpscglht5xw.jpg

sean is pleased with the spread

 photo IMG_3918_zps89l6vr9w.jpg

“fuck you, martha stewart!!” is what he is saying here.

 photo IMG_3921_zpspzuavrib.jpg

and the picking begins

 photo IMG_3929_zpsbhuzkujm.jpg


 photo IMG_3923_zpss8bmours.jpg

and then i get to go flop on the bed and be served like a queen

 photo IMG_3943_zpsmnbwq9kb.jpg

a very sweaty queen

 photo IMG_3946_zpsj78zlb00.jpg


 photo IMG_3947_zps5bna6hhs.jpg

 photo IMG_3951_zpsqlkszykk.jpg

sean says nummy!

 photo IMG_3956_zpskzbpyblu.jpg

this is the thanksgiving wet bar

 photo IMG_3816_zpsdhdwznwo.jpg

where such drinks as these were made

vodka, ginger beer, cranberry juice and lime

spiced rum, amaretto, coke, cherry

angry orchard hard cider, cinnamon whiskey

and then just regular rum and cokes and dark and stormys

which inspires

 photo IMG_3878_zpsjwf6cb05.jpg

i do not bake on thanksgiving. sorry, suckas.

 photo IMG_3979_zpsnsscek1s.jpg

and how did i manage this great feasty feat in a tiny studio apartment kitchen??

 photo IMG_3912_zpsnibwo3gx.jpg

why, my magic arm of course.

 photo IMG_3903_zpsdfqhmuyy.jpg

and for dessert, a vanilla/7-up float. because pumpkin pie is meh.

 photo IMG_3980_zpshdofdfcu.jpg

 photo IMG_3982_zpsk04yc5tg.jpg

and here’s an archive of thanksgiving aifafs past…


i never wrote an adventure-proper for 2010, but i found some pictures anyway which begs the question – how damn long ago did that drawer break???


these are my vegetables, pre-roast: turnips, carrots, parsnips, golden beets, sweet potatoes


stuffing: cornbread, sourdough, sausage, spinach, pine nuts, parmesan, celery, onions

potatoes with white cheddar and creamed spinach

brussels sprouts gratin and cauliflower gratin

aaaaand that’s that! i’ll address the mess i have made of aifafs soon, but this should give you enough to drool over for now.

and in case i haven’t plugged it in enough places on here, this is actually the second thanksgiving i have made this month. first can be found here:

gobble gobble!

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