SummerSummer by Edith Wharton
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this book is touted as “edith wharton’s most erotic book.” the introduction blabs on and on about its eroticism, and how scandalous it is. so i have devised a little drinking game. i invite you—i entreat you—to prepare a shot glass with your favorite scotch or whiskey, and do a shot every time you start feeling a little hot from all the sexy good times. i pretty much guarantee that shot glass will be untouched by the end of your readings. this book is not erotic, even in the broadest, most mormonic sense. i think there is a kiss or two, which for wharton is hot, but it’s a stretch to call it “erotic.” this is a book where people get preggers by proximity: two people of opposite genders are seated beside each other, and suddenly—the lady is up the pole. this might be the first appearance of the “sexy librarian” stereotype, but erotic?? far from it, ms. white gloves…

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