Rabbit HeartRabbit Heart by Alyssa Wong, Ramón de Ocampo
My rating: 3/5 cats
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at only 7 minutes, this is a really short audio short. i’m a terrible listener—not so much in my personal life, where i can be a VERY GOOD FRIEND, but in my entertainment-life i struggle with processing aural narrative. i am a big fan of hitting the old ‘subtitle’ button when i’m watching teevee, even though it sometimes spoils things when i can read faster than the teevee person can speak, taking some of the suspense out of the great british baking show.

but i’m giving it a shot, since audio is all the rage these days, and i have been SEDUCED by all the free horror shorts by authors i love that nightfire has so generously made available here.

because of my ear-brain shortcomings, and because this one is so short, i listened to it twice, and i’m not sure if it is down to my own inadequacies as a listener, or if i just wasn’t into the story, but i don’t have much to offer as far as a reaction or review for this one.

i read Bunny this past year, which has a similar conceit, and the best i can come up with in terms of elevator-pitching it to you is that it’s the bunny part of Bunny wearing Pet Sematary as a blanket.

i’ve read four other stories by this author (all free tor shorts: God Product, Scarecrow, The Auntie, and A Fist of Permutations in Lightning and Wildflowers), and my feelings toward them were all over the place; ranging from three to four to five stars cats, so it might just be me and this story not clicking, while another one would have been more swoony to my heart.

in any event, YOU can form your OWN opinion of it FREE of charge here.

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