PatiencePatience by Daniel Clowes
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i may have done myself a disservice by reading Dark Matter immediately before reading this book.

both are stories in which a man who loses a beloved woman tries to get her back through science fiction-y means and whose mistakes along the way have horrifying personal consequences i only partially understand. this one is easier on my brain because it doesn’t actually try to explain the science and also there are pictures for me to look at…

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the two books use different SF concepts to tell their stories, but they’re similar enough that i was all, “didn’t i just…?” once this one started trotting off into that direction.

i will say it’s pleasantly unpredictable. i had no intention of reading this – i’m not a fan of clowes’ drawing style, and i’ve only ever read Ghost World, to which my reaction was ‘meh.’

but i had picked this up for connor and he soon pushed it right back at me, declaring that he had ‘accidentally’ read it; he had meant to just check out the first couple of pages and before he knew it, he’d finished the whole thing and he thought i should read it, too. that kind of enthusiastic response from someone who doesn’t read a ton was enough to make me willing to give clowes another shot since if the story is strong, i don’t need to be into the art.

and even though i’m still medium on the book, i really do enjoy being surprised, and i did not anticipate that a book with this starting point

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would go where it did.

and i didn’t hate the art – some of it hit my smalltown sad people buttons

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it just wasn’t the book to change my mind about whether daniel clowes is the graphic novelist for me. he is not. but much respect.

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