Paper Girls, Vol. 2 (Paper Girls, #2)Paper Girls, Vol. 2 by Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang
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a review for erica, who neeeeeds it!

so, volume two of this series is even more convoluted and frantic than the first. but i’m more confident now that it knows where it’s going, and i just need to be patient and grab on and eventually it will take me where i want to go.

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if you are the kind of person who prefers to go into a series completely blind, you might wanna go make a macrame owl or something instead of reading this review, because some things that happened in the first book will be mentioned, although not much more than what the book’s own synopsis here on goodreads divulges. if you are just a regular person who understands that “plot” is not the same as “spoiler,” and that knowing one thing that happens in this series won’t ruin anything, because its story is so all over the place and there’s so much still unexplained that i’m not even sure what a spoiler would look like, you can stay put. unless the mention of macrame owls has inspired you to go make one. either way – time well spent.

if you are still reading, this is where we are: our plucky papergirls have found themselves transported from 1988 to 2016, and erin tieng has just met up with her future self.

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and, like most of us would discover were we to find ourselves in a similar situation, her future life is not at all as she’d imagined, and is both bewildering and disappointing.

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although to be fair, it’s just as irritating to hang out with your youthful you, brimming with all that life-eroded energy and optimism and promise and health.

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although there is a genuinely sweet meeting between erin and her little sister, who has done erin proud.

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as for the future – 2016 is full of new things!


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learning about where you are n— oh, yeah. not all future revelations are awesome.

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in other downers, there are ominous forecasts

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and these things

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leonard cohen was totally right

even though it’s like getting hit with narrative buckshot, i like these characters, and i’m completely invested now, so hit me with your time travel, your monsters, as many iterations of erin as you got, and i will be there for it all.

just don’t tease me

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we’re gonna need to bring in an expert for this

although, she never did say she would tell all those answers. still, i’m with lying cat. give us more deets!

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