Lobster Is the Best Medicine: A Collection of Comics About FriendshipLobster Is the Best Medicine: A Collection of Comics About Friendship by Liz Climo
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this book is ridiculously adorable. how have i never heard of this liz climo person before? she has more than one book, so i’m going to go on a tear and get the rest of them as soon as possible.

i mean, not only does she draw one damn fine red panda:

 photo IMG_3042_zpsys7ppmo9.jpg

 photo IMG_3039_zpsewzi0x9d.jpg

but she also does SHARKS! it’s like she knows just what i like and then she draws it just for me!

 photo IMG_3057_zps2jzy7vac.jpg

 photo IMG_3055_zpsq7pjtk9w.jpg

 photo IMG_3049_zps0v9hvwcl.jpg

 photo IMG_3034_zpscnkaco2x.jpg

and there’s even a fox for greg!

 photo IMG_3029_zpsqooydfs5.jpg

these are just some really adorable critters, being really adorable, and i don’t know what else i can say about them.

i mean, how charming is this, right?

 photo IMG_3053_zpsdrbx5rfh.jpg

and awwww

 photo IMG_3018_zpstitpb7yc.jpg

there are animals having fun and playing games together!

 photo IMG_3027_zpsbisb1ysl.jpg

 photo IMG_3035_zpsmog6wo2s.jpg

 photo IMG_3044_zpswgqmw7rm.jpg

and animals in love!

 photo IMG_3062_zpshborntgz.jpg

 photo IMG_3032_zpsskomf0jz.jpg

animals being helpful to one another

 photo IMG_3022_zpsnzy8z4yz.jpg

 photo IMG_3024_zpsaudqihb6.jpg

and helpful to themselves

 photo IMG_3025_zpssberuznl.jpg

 photo IMG_3037_zpscfiixwlm.jpg

i think we’ve all learned a little something about bears here today. but they’re too cute to judge harshly

 photo IMG_3020_zpsyquensnr.jpg

this lady can make anything huggable.


 photo IMG_3059_zpsuokfviyq.jpg


 photo IMG_3043_zps0voa8jzv.jpg

porcupines…. okay, maybe not huggable, but cute!

 photo IMG_3026_zpsecghfm4h.jpg

and i love how unexpected the scenarios are

 photo IMG_3038_zps2iygcqx8.jpg

oh, so many giggles.

it’s full of animals setting good examples

 photo IMG_3054_zpshdezvgxu.jpg

and dealing with life’s problems

 photo IMG_3051_zpsfcxrwfs7.jpg

and demonstrating good hygiene

 photo IMG_3048_zps3gnnqzch.jpg

i can’t wait to snatch up as many of her books as i can because she is my new favorite animal-drawing person.

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