Junji Ito's Cat Diary: Yon & MuJunji Ito’s Cat Diary: Yon & Mu by Junji Ito
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junji ito is a writer/illustrator known for his horror manga, and here he focuses his energies on the most horrible horror of them all – the domestic cat.

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this is a comedic-horror manga, and it speaks to those of us who have invited these little devils into our hearts and homes, and the everyday horrors we endure as a result.

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it is an autobiographical tale of what happens to a dog-person when his fiancée brings her two cats into their home

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and his emotional journey from fear

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and suspicion

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and more fear

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to eventually accepting their presence in his life to the extent that he is jealous of their relationship with his wife.

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and even makes clumsy attempts to play with them and win them over to him, as we all do

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until he ultimately succumbs to that monstrous, obsessive love that felines inspire in us

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incidentally, it’s uncool of him to refer to this cat’s face as “weird” or “accursed,”

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(actual photo of “weird, accursed” cat – awww!)

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when this is how he draws his wife:

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in one of the Q&A sections of this book, a reader addresses this:

Q: You draw A-ko’s eyes almost entirely without pupils. What does your wife think of this?

A: She got mad at me. It seems that she doesn’t like the haircut, either. I’ve also been instructed to remove unnecessary lines from her cheeks in a number of panels. Additionally, she pointed out that A-ko’s trademark striped pants are nowhere to be found in her personal wardrobe. Aside from these minor issues, my wife does not seem particularly displeased with this manga.

and i guess there are a few things about this cat that are weird…

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i really enjoyed this book, especially as it addresses some of the finer points of cat-living, such as experiencing their stubborn, preternatural strength

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the disruption they bring into our homes

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and all the gross

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and spooky

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things we tolerate in order to occasionally be shown affection by them.

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yup, she’s just radiating affection here.

it’s a pretty adorable, and very accurate account of the monsters that inhabit those little scraps of fur we spend all day feeding and catering to.

unless i’m just projecting here.

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