Introvert Doodles: An Illustrated Collection of Life's Awkward MomentsIntrovert Doodles: An Illustrated Collection of Life’s Awkward Moments by Maureen “Marzi” Wilson
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this is one adorable book. the older i get, the more i have found myself drifting comfortably into ‘introvert’ territory. i used to be quite the social butterfly, accepting all invitations and striking up conversations with interesting strangers wherever i happened to be. and i don’t know if i just got older and more particular about how i spend my time, or if the years of retail soured me on interacting with the public at large, or the realization that most ‘interesting strangers’ are actually creeps who misinterpret friendliness for romantic interest, but whatever the cause, this is a very relatable reaction:

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i find it increasingly difficult to interact even with people i already know, as my social awkwardness has somehow blossomed in the past few years in a way that makes me come off really creepy myself:

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or impatient with the draining niceties of small talk:

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or exhausted by the neverending social demands of the civilized world:

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and i would apologize for that personality development, but this book makes me feel okay about my decline into elusive hermit territory. because this is absolutely the correct response:

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and except for that furniture comment, this is also me all over

 photo IMG_8731_zpsjfwjf9z0.jpg

working from home = living the dream

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because interacting with others can go so wrong so easily

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and it’s so difficult to modulate:

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many of these cartoons seem to speak, not necessarily to introverts, but to all of us booknerds:

 photo IMG_8736_zpsk9qdkrki.jpg

 photo IMG_8733_zpse38yrwui.jpg

 photo IMG_8732_zpsy1pizhfu.jpg

 photo IMG_8721_zpskawslzqo.jpg

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and even if you don’t identify as an introvert (or a booknerd), there are still things in this book to make you smile:

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 photo IMG_8729_zpsbqchbyey.jpg

so if you are an introvert, give yourself a reward:

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and if you’re not sure if you are, play this game:

 photo IMG_8738_zpsddxbofwz.jpg

and try to giggle at least once today, whether you are alone or fraternizing with others.

i will be here, in my jammies, snuggling my cat nice and cozy.

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