If I Were a BookIf I Were a Book by José Jorge Letria
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why on earth has it taken me so long to review this book? it’s 50-something pages of illustrations and some very short blurps of text musing fancifully about what it would be like to be a book – what impact a book might want to have upon its reader, what makes up the relationship between book and reader, what a book might value in this relationship, yadda yadda.

don’t get me wrong – i haven’t been sitting here for nearly a year struggling with how best to express what this book is about, or determine what its message is, and this review is not going to be some detailed and long-considered piece of literary criticism. it’s just one of the many things that have slipped through my cracks (LGM) – this has been sitting on my windowsill in the middle of the ever-present stack of books to be reviewed, waiting for me to finally have the time and energy to get it together and toss some words at it.

and here i am, tossing words.

it’s simply a lovely little book that would be a nice giftie for book-lovers of any age, made up of brief sentiments like If I were a book, I would not want to know at the beginning how my story ends and If I were a book, I’d crush violence with knowledge; statements that are pretending to be about books, but are also applicable to peeeeeople.

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but there are some that only work for books:

 photo IMG_3786_zpszyecnmic.jpg

 photo IMG_3785_zpsxzyleaw2.jpg

and to a certain extent

 photo IMG_3787_zpsqzv46avl.jpg

i really like the artwork here – it’s simple, but it has great colors, and it’s got that reading rainbow opening credits vibe that i dig

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and there you have it – many months of procrastinating undone in under an hour.

if only it was always this easy (LGM)

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