I Am Pusheen the CatI Am Pusheen the Cat by Claire Belton
My rating: 3/5 cats
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sometimes internet sensations do not make the transition into book sensations gracefully. this is one of those times.

and it might just be me. before everyone started reviewing this book on here, i had never heard of pusheen. this is a theme with me. grumpy cat, dog shaming – all that stuff i learned existed as websites and memes only after a book crossed my path.

i am barely a part of this world.

and so i read this book because that cat is cute, and everyone seemed to be celebrating pusheen with great fervor.

and the book?? it’s okay.

there are some things like this that made me laugh with recognition:

(take note, greg!!)

things that were just too precious for words:

 photo DSC02550_zps4f46b19a.jpg

and this term i had never heard before but came across twice in one day, in two different books:

 photo DSC02551_zps3d605bd7.jpg

which on my cat, are mostly little black beans:

 photo DSC02659_zpsb60677c8.jpg

but then i went to the website (, and i realized what a difference a little wiggle can make. because while it is in no way the height of cutting-edge animation technology, it’s just so much…. cuter than the motionless pusheens in the book

see what i mean?


is a mazillion times cuter than this:

 photo DSC02662_zps709527c8.jpg

and this, which is also in the book, wins the day in cuteness when you can see the tiny little movements.

and then i kind of went a little pusheen-crazy, leaving the confines of the site itself and finding little pusheens EVERYWHERE!

this is how pusheen makes pizza!!!

these are helpful cat-owner tips:

have you heard of tumblr?? there are many adorable things on tumblr!!

sweet pusheen – a cat after my own stomach

so without this pusheen background, the book felt a little flat to me, but the more i hunted down pusheens-in-motion, the more i started to think “there’s something to this little chubby cat!” and maybe someday i will learn about an internet thing on the internet, the way it was meant to be…

i’m your new friend!

one more for the road…

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