Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty WigsGlamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs by Julie Jackson
My rating: 2/5 cats
One StarOne Star

this book angers me.

i hate animals in clothes. i do not think it makes them any cuter than they are.

greg always tries to trip me up with rapid-fire interrogations on this matter:

if a monkey is also an astronaut, is he allowed to wear protective space gear?? (yes)
if a monkey is also a judge, is he allowed to wear a wig and robe?? (no)
if a dog is a st. bernard rescue dog, is he allowed to wear a barrel of booze (yes, but only a small one)

the point is he never asked me if cats were allowed to wear wigs. and i have decided that they are not.

julie jackson seems to think it is acceptable, but she is incorrect.

cat sized wigs are not cool. these cats look whorish and they should go back to east germany, and take their crappy music with them.

i can has dignity?

how do these cat owners still have arms with which to put wigs on their cats? if i tried this shit with maggie, i would pull back a stump.

and how is that wig an improvement over that gorgeous cat?

i am just outraged.

that cat is going to murrrderrrr

and, for the record, this is also not okay:

that’s all i have to say on the matter for now

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