FukuFuku: Kitten Tales 2FukuFuku: Kitten Tales 2 by Kanata Konami
My rating: 4/5 cats
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i kind of phoned in my review for the first volume of thisit was a lot of “i dunno, you like cats?”

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“you think this is a cute cat?”

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“you’ll probably like this book, then, pal.”

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not much more insight is gonna be had from this, my review for the second volume. it’s more of the same, and there’s not much to itcat has small adventures and goes meee meee meee a lot:

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 photo IMG_0368_zpsisvgxj1z.jpg

 photo IMG_0367_zpsckmalpb6.jpg

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no, i mean a LOT:

 photo IMG_0374_zps28jid3nh.jpg

 photo IMG_0372_zpspzzrkp6j.jpg

 photo IMG_0359_zpsuohtyerv.jpg

 photo IMG_0356_zpsvof5vuru.jpg

 photo IMG_0379_zpsxwlyw9nm.jpg

cat owner person who provides food and shelter for the cat adores/endures cat’s antics:

 photo IMG_0352_zpse7rk94iw.jpg

 photo IMG_0355_zpsve1rxpnr.jpg

the end.

there’s more to it, of course. there’s some catfights:

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and some live-action whack-a-mole:

 photo IMG_0383_zpsqq10xfxp.jpg

and stolen treats:

 photo IMG_0373_zpswx5z1ouk.jpg

i do love the way she draws this cat, but i am a sucker for cute round things, so it’s not hard to get my attention with that.

 photo IMG_0357_zpsjtpmoxcv.jpg

she gets cat mannerisms down perfectly:

 photo IMG_0360_zps6qzjp9yr.jpg

 photo IMG_0358_zpsf2min3t7.jpg

including the difference between sleepy:

 photo IMG_0387_zpsrft0tgaq.jpg

 photo IMG_0128_zpsywxmzhjz.jpg

and drowsy:

 photo IMG_0380_zpsm3ab6tvz.jpg

 photo IMG_9903_zpsxit3tr7e.jpg

 photo IMG_0378_zpsbra9gyjb.jpg

 photo IMG_9964_zpskuv9zlma.jpg

the hiding before the inevitable pounce:

 photo IMG_0376_zps50kjfalz.jpg

 photo IMG_9548_zpszvzjczt7.jpg

the staredown:

 photo IMG_0364_zpsnb4abwtl.jpg

 photo IMG_1896_zpsywa6wgqd_1.jpg

and most particularly, the glare i am most used to seeing from my own beloved beastie:

 photo IMG_0353_zpsjjz8vhym.jpg

 photo IMG_7786_zps3wlncyxb.jpg

so, again – do you think this is cute?

 photo IMG_0366_zpsmuq5cci5.jpg

or this?

 photo IMG_0363_zpsxi212vja.jpg

or this?

 photo IMG_0382_zps0fzmbnwj.jpg

well, then, palgrab yourself a copy of the book!

i wish i had known that this was the last one before i read it. although how that would have changed my reading experience i can’t rightly say. but i think it would have, in some ineffable way.

someday i will read her chi’s sweet home series, all of which i have lying around here, because i understand it is just like this, only with more actual content to go with the round cat cuteness.

and at least i will be aware when i get to the last in the series.

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