Burn for Burn (Burn for Burn, #1)Burn for Burn by Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian
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bitches get even

now, usually i am a little leery about reading books that it took two people to write. but this one didn’t seem cobbled together the way Beautiful Creatures did. and i don’t read a lot of realistic YA, but the guy at the s&s booth at ALA assured me i would like it. and i did. thank you, guy whose name i have forgotten. we had a very nice conversation and i am sorry i have forgotten your name and i thank you for pushing this book on me, even though i made a frowny face at the time.

this is a really fun “hell hath no fury” book in which three teenaged girls who each feel they have been wronged by someone take matters into their own hands and start to push back causing bodily harm, property damage, and reputation-attacks to three individuals.

and their targets will rue the day they ever crossed these ladies.

apparently, this is the first book in something – grrrrr. and towards the end, some magical elements start creeping in in a way that feels a little off, but i suppose it will make more sense and be less odd-feeling in the second book. because even though i don’t read a lot of realistic YA,i was enjoying it, and this felt like a solid plot without that added whisper-flourish.

but other than that, it was a very entertaining leisure read full of social climbing/grasping, bitchy girls, laconic wealthy boredom, crossed signals, betrayal, misunderstandings, love triangles, and girl-bonding (but shhh – not where people can see!)

and like any teenage-revenge plot, it’s not going to run smoothly, and mistakes will be made.

but that’s why we love it, right? revenge-plots gotta have repercussions.

read it and then share with me your best revenge-plot.

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