Born to Be AwkwardBorn to Be Awkward: Celebrating Those Imperfect Moments of Babyhood by Mike Bender, Doug Chernack
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meh. i think i dropped the “reviewing this on time” ball here* because this book just wasn’t all that entertaining to me. if the premise is meant to be “kids are weird-looking” or “kids are gross,” i mean, you’re preaching to the choir with that message.

that’s basically the takeaway from this book, and unless you really like looking at pictures of kids making weird faces or doing gross things, you could probably do something better with your time.

i’ll help out and i’ll give you the highlight reel:

kids are weird-looking:

this kid looks like gollum

 photo IMG_0780_zpsxkbzmeti_1.jpg

and the photo doesn’t improve when you pan back. yeesh.

 photo IMG_1046_zpsp4u3z7q2_2.jpg

this is an old lady pretending to be a baby

 photo IMG_1043_zpsdkoruskp.jpg

this kid is an oompa loompa

 photo IMG_1040_zpsoejhrx6v.jpg

this kid is trying to revive his marriage with sexxy boudoir photography and it isn’t going well

 photo IMG_0765_zpsz6fa8tia.jpg

this kid needs to befriend a milliner

 photo IMG_0757_zps8oh6n5wl.jpg

these kids are drunkards. and might actually be the same kid. it’s uncanny.

 photo IMG_0769_zpsvonfhqly.jpg

 photo IMG_0785_zpsxygvgbdh.jpg

kids are gross:

i’m not sure which one is grosser here—the face rash or the one who thinks face rashes are yummy

 photo IMG_0776_zpsej7ipg9q.jpg

this is a very late stage prom baby

 photo IMG_1048_zpsfwowg2mn.jpg

actually, i like this one. this is gonna look nice on the fridge

 photo IMG_0766_zpsgcr6rgu5.jpg

i don’t even want to conjecture about the circumstances surrounding the snapping of this photo because they all end in jail time

 photo IMG_0777_zps9zalaboe_1.jpg

i’m impressed here that pee has such a well-defined shadow

 photo IMG_0763_zpsrc1irgv2_1.jpg

some kids are gross and weird-looking:

or are greg’s mom

 photo IMG_0782_zpsufn8qiap.jpg


some kids are freaking terrifying:

do not fuck with tamara.
do. not.

 photo IMG_0797_zpsmdzh3zns.jpg

and some are very sad

to be fair, this it probably really intense if you’re on acid

 photo IMG_0793_zps5l11xedj.jpg

and if those are in fact used condoms hanging off those hats, i can see this being demoralizing as well.

 photo IMG_0778_zpsrwpbes3v_2.jpg

but this is just straight-up ungrateful. lean into the love, kiddo!

 photo IMG_0770_zpsiyl4kylp_2.jpg

i always used to wonder why anyone would opt for this style when school picture time rolled around. and now i know why—for precious memories like these.

 photo IMG_0761_zpslofg50ca.jpg

so for anyone wondering why i don’t have kids and why i don’t want kids, the above examples should be adequate. but also, i think i would just be terrible at it. i’d be the one dropping the kid

 photo IMG_1044_zpsgk1419kw.jpg

or leaving the kid crumpled at the foot of the stairs

 photo IMG_0758_zpsusi81diq.jpg

or pushing the kid off the wall

 photo IMG_0772_zpszqnkcow5.jpg

or treating the kids like they’re jarts

 photo IMG_0768_zpsvjzqhmqn.jpg

or forgetting the kid in the middle of the graveyard

 photo IMG_0789_zpstlfjrvwy.jpg

but if this book were a baby catalogue and i was forced to buy one baby from it to take home with me and raise (poorly) on my own, i guess i would take this one:

 photo IMG_0787_zpstj9ypexk.jpg

because this is at least a kid whose goals i understand.

and this one looks so much like a friend of mine i had to read the contributor’s info in the back to make sure. but no, it’s not him. except that i still think it IS and he’s just changed his name because of witness protection or something.

 photo IMG_1039_zps0dgxo4jn.jpg

in conclusion—kids. weird. gross. etc.

* which does not hold true for all the books i have pending reviews on, just this one some of them.

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