Bad Little Children's Books: KidLit Parodies, Shameless Spoofs, and Offensively Tweaked CoversBad Little Children’s Books: KidLit Parodies, Shameless Spoofs, and Offensively Tweaked Covers by Arthur C. Gackley
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this book is a hoot. it is designed like a traditional little golden book, but it’s about three times as thick, and filled with 121 hilariously rejiggered children’s book covers. there’s plenty of filler, sure, and the framing device/explanation of these covers as found art is unnecessary and not particularly funny. publishersFYI, this is one of those “if you build it, they will come” concepts and you don’t need to fancy it up with backstory. just show us the covers, and we will giggle.


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did i hear a giggle out there over in michigan, maybe? nebraska?

 photo IMG_6315_zpswwpbdelz.jpg

are you snickering, filthy goodreads friends?

i know i’ll get a guffaw out of eh (who is an excellent driver) with this one:

 photo IMG_6314_zpsws08ahkr.jpg

sadly, i recognized very few of these covers from their originals which i think means i had a lousy childhood.

but there’s this one:

 photo IMG_6331_zpshpyn7ki4.jpg

and this one:

 photo IMG_6326_zpszyabzkdh.jpg

and the title of this one, if not the cover:

 photo IMG_6330_zpswoulxrvr.jpg

and a handful of others that make it clear that i did have a childhood, with memories.

but this one?

 photo IMG_6302_zpsqdznbx6g.jpg

i neither recognize the original nor do i even understand the joke of the “new” cover. is there some cultural reference i am missing?

but ahhhhthis onenot only do i understand it, but i think it would be an excellent drinking game. and a difficult one.

 photo IMG_6329_zpsttmzobwb.jpg

these are probably my top faves, for their sheer bizarre surrealism and the fact that i want to read them like right now:

 photo IMG_6321_zpshu6sebqp.jpg

 photo IMG_6304_zps1pmicgnq.jpg

and of course i love anything that speaks to what little monsters kids can be:

 photo IMG_6299_zpsohjpymin.jpg

 photo IMG_6300_zpsiesrpnsp.jpg

 photo IMG_6307_zpsfpbuvbz6.jpg

 photo IMG_6311_zpsa4c4k5a0.jpg

 photo IMG_6312_zpstagc4h5m.jpg

not that animals are any better

 photo IMG_6306_zpsjs1sbdbz.jpg

 photo IMG_6308_zps8tpqzqlz.jpg

or fathers

 photo IMG_6303_zpslpdtbfoz.jpg

or even artists

 photo IMG_6310_zpsnhyoir99.jpg

they aren’t all modified from children’s books (at least i don’t think this one was ever intended to be for children, but what do i know?)

 photo IMG_6325_zpskwlynwk5.jpg

and they touch upon important contemporary issues like vaccination:

 photo IMG_6317_zps9co3tjxz.jpg


 photo IMG_6318_zpsyjcteyyc.jpg


 photo IMG_6316_zpsii7m8e9k.jpg

and the most controversial plague of our time:

 photo IMG_6319_zps3vcnnigo.jpg

so, if you have a childish sense of humor but are not, in fact, a child, you will probably find some laughs here.

 photo IMG_6309_zpsckfqmwzz.jpg

and you might actually learn a thing or two, like this:

 photo IMG_6305_zpsxa9pwr8i.jpg

which animal-nipple situation i am personally learning about right now, with poor maggie’s MRI-shaved tummy revealing her icky little nubswarning: NSFW

 photo IMG_6384_zpsljayhsqd.jpg

she looks like a little gorilla!

despite how many examples there are in this book, i managed to find some online that didn’t make the cut, somehow:

which is a shame, because i love them so.

more can be found here:…


enjoy having your childhood shattered!

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