Backyard ZombiesBackyard Zombies by Stephanie Rabig
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dear goodreaders:

it has come to my attention that there are over one million books being offered on NOOK for free. FOR FREE! ONE MILLION!

and keeping in mind the success of self-published/fanfic masterpieces like Fifty Shades of Grey, Angelfall, and Wool, i have taken it upon myself to find the Next Big Thing amongst these titles.

therefore, i will be reading as many of these as i can, to uncover the hidden gems, and passing along my findings to you. yes, you!!

will they all be awesome?
am i going to pick most of them just because their covers or titles make me laugh?
very likely, indeed.

this is the twelfth book in the project.

this one is on the better-than-many-others end of the NOOK freebie pool. it is short, as are most of them (except for the one that is 700 pages long, and which i have decided there is no way in hell i am reading, project or no project…) but it is a good, traditional zombie story.

i mean, traditional if zombie love stories were traditional. i just mean this doesn’t try to redefine zombies or pull any of that philosophical schtick which can be very good when the author has skills, but can also be wincingly bad.

this one is just about a boy and a gun, alone in a world gone zombie, who finds himself a nice house with a lot of food and decides to hole up there for a while, living the best he can. the house also comes furnished with a handy and sturdy dog-collar-on-chain situation in the backyard, perfect for trapping and observing zombies.

the first one does not go all that well. who knew that zombies could die if you don’t feed them?? but he manages to learn many things while observing the doomed zombie, for science. many human characteristics are seemingly retained after the change. which is terrifying, no??

and then…she comes into his life.

a probably once-lovely girl; the ultimate fixer-upper, whom he chains up and observes, once again noticing some alarming human-ish behavior.

then, things start to go wrong for our hero and his potential-beloved. but it’s not (all) what you think.

but there may be hope!! can their love survive a world undead?? can these crazy kids get together over a dinner of fresh corpse? and, if all goes well, will we be seeing some zombie-rotica from this author??

fingers crossed!!

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