Alien Next DoorAlien Next Door by Joey Spiotto
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this is a pretty cute book that humanizes everyone’s favorite face-hugging friend. since there aren’t any words in the book, i was inspired to provide my own.

 photo IMG_6244_zpsfm0dmcjk.jpg

they are slaves to their cats

 photo IMG_5811_zpsfih3lwdb.jpg

they cry onion tears

 photo IMG_5803_zps51cuh96d.jpg

they have strong problem-solving skills

 photo IMG_5814_zpslyar4lxs.jpg

they get too excited by treats and make a mess

 photo IMG_5813_zpsmdesxkpd.jpg

they do their houseguests’ laundry

 photo IMG_5812_zpsjfqdw4ff.jpg

they are obsessed with internet cats. and selfies.

 photo IMG_5810_zpsq70e9rdp.jpg

they are nerds

 photo IMG_5809_zpsghocuu02.jpg

they pick up bad ideas from movies

 photo IMG_5808_zpsyus4ykqh.jpg

they throw wild parties and and experience morning-after regret.

 photo IMG_5806_zpssdqk0nfb.jpg

sometimes they need a little help from a pal

 photo IMG_5805_zpsslii0ibq.jpg

they curse the rudeness of humans

 photo IMG_5804_zpsah4r7oog.jpg

they are invested in improving workplace morale

 photo IMG_5802_zpshx0stgn7.jpg

and yes, they mourn their makers

 photo IMG_5815_zpstm0byrkk.jpg

in fact, the only way in which we differ?

 photo IMG_5800_zpsyffisw8l.jpg

in xenomorph town, dentist is scared of you.

in any case, this book is full of similarly adorable pictures, and if you’ve liked any of jeffrey brown’s cute nerdy star wars books, this would be a good addition to that shelf.

rarrrr, xenomorph!

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