greg is back!! everyone missed you, greg!! GREG!!!

connor is only here for a moment, after we had a comical upstairs/downstairs misunderstanding where we keystone kops-ed it through the stairways and elevators of his building, looking for each other, and making poor greg have to stand on the corner like a schmoe balancing two giant coffees and feeling forlorn. poor connor has to wear shades now, now that he is a big-time commercial actor (http://adland.tv/commercials/new-york-lottery-commute-2013-30-usa) and everyone recognizes him wherever he goes…just let the man buy his groceries, paparazzi! give him his space!

please note greg’s leer. this is one of my favorite pictures ever because of that.

 photo DSC00272_zps3375313f.jpg

okay, quick group shot before we kick connor to the curb/limo and go on our merry way.

 photo DSC00273_zps5e394c3d.jpg

this picture is called, “maybe i should have worn more than just my fleece vest today,” which confession shocked greg. i’m not saying my fleece vest is lacking in any way. it was just a little chilly is all. greg doesn’t care – he still thinks it is a scandalous thing for someone with such a great fleece vest to say.

 photo DSC00274_zps0a633b8c.jpg

ahhhhh!!! the coffee starts making its way towards greg but then realizes i am tastier prey. neither of us spilled this, by the way. it is stranger-coffee.

 photo DSC00277_zpsde0cd195.jpg

oh, yeah, and it is also cinco de mayo. hurray.

 photo DSC00278_zps6657e2ce.jpg

hee, heee. this grouch-face is my fault.in case you were wondering, on the weekends, the d train goes express after broadway/lafayette and then you are in chinatown on cinco de mayo and it is just too confusing. so now we are exeunting chinatown to go back uptown and greg is making a frownyface already.

 photo DSC00279_zps3b1e060c.jpg


behave, greg, we have already shown you can be replaced!

this might be my angriest “there goes the neighborhood” moment. because apparently, williamsburg just isn’t big enough for some people. these clowns have an entire storefront in manhattan where seemingly all they do is put metal “punk rock” studs on vintage t-shirts. and skinny jeans. and, probably your ironic fishing cap, if you so desire. i really really hate them.

 photo DSC00281_zpsd3b49cf7.jpg

but then i see the semen statue and it cheers me up. spoooooge mountain!

 photo DSC00282_zps570cdf05.jpg

mexicans!! on cinco de mayo! what a treat!

 photo DSC00283_zpsa05f41f9.jpg

 photo DSC00284_zpsdad694e3.jpg

yeah, greg! sheesh, he is so rude sometimes.

 photo DSC00285_zpsd656c0c3.jpg

you can’t tell, but he is being so loud here!! in fact, that sign wasn’t up before, but some little man came out and hung it on the wall as a response to greg’s rambunctious behavior.

 photo DSC00286_zps3e981c08.jpg

way to ruin cinco de mayo, greg! this is a holy day, for contemplation.

it is also “pitch in garden” day!! i suggested we go pitch in, but his response was “i’m going to go take a garbage can, and pitch all the garbage in.” other suggestions were pitching in children and mexicans.

 photo DSC00287_zps88255cd5.jpg

soooo, we wound up not helping anyone.

and instead we went here.

 photo DSC00355_zpsec0c28e2.jpg

we had a card. and then two seconds after i took that, it became a freaking richard scarry wonderland:

 photo DSC00356_zps87359399.jpg

bad burger

but inside, it was nice and empty. on the walk over to here, i was concerned because 1) very important national holiday 2) it had gotten warmer (fleece vest was plenty warm enough) and every place we passed had scads of people outside, eating at tables with they tiny dogs tied up underneath, and i was worried that this place would be packed. but no! it is slightly past the fashionable area of town, and while a bunch of big parties came while we were there, it was mostly awesome and empty.

 photo DSC00289_zps874de564.jpg

it is greg! we are having food and fun once more! together!

 photo DSC00288_zps4d71b1bc.jpg

this place is perfect for folks like connor:

 photo DSC00290_zpscaef5d51.jpg

and their tables are so shiny!!! look, it is greg! in the table!

 photo DSC00292_zps6ca4f743.jpg

and their artwork is trees growing out of a lady’s boobs!

 photo DSC00293_zps1b516708.jpg

and best of all – real sugar!! whe!

 photo DSC00295_zps97578cf1.jpg

but i am unhappy about the music, which is like a hipster throwing up in my ears. loudly. holy fuck, i think this means i am old. these kids today with their loud music…

 photo DSC00296_zpsac2db296.jpg

there were some difficulties in ordering, as they seemed to be out of a lot of things. damn you, mexico! also, our waiter was about twelve (god, i really am showing my age this episode…) and was very enthusiastic and for some reason, i kept winking at him when i ordered/was rebuffed/tried again, and i am not a winker AT ALL, but his energy made me want to respond in some way, and that was all i had the strength to do – you know, old and all, and once i started, i could not stop. but i don’t think he was alarmed or enticed by this; he kept coming over every five minutes offering to top greg off. YOU WANT ME TO TOP YOU OFF??? and i work in chelsea now, i know all the codes.

so, because there were so many appetizers we (i) wanted, we decided to get a sampler, which came with a choice of three, and then we were going to get one additional appetizer. but then they were out of cheeseburger spring rolls!! which you would be, because they sound delicious, and i’m sure they do not last long. so we had to try again, and we had agreed to get zucchini fries (wink), but noooo – they were out of those, too. so third time was the charm (wink) and i will tell you what we got in one second. we are going down chronological street.

first, we played a rousing game of “whose GR avatar am i?”

 photo DSC00299_zpsfbc44192.jpg

this was from memory, as greg’s phone was being a bitch, and we couldn’t remember which way to face, so we took it from both sides. it should actually be this way:

 photo DSC00300_zps812e9d5b.jpg

but i think the spirit has been captured.

then greg got all artsy, the way he does.

 photo DSC00304_zpscfa5a415.jpg

oh and then our food came. along with another proposition for greg.

our sampler included “bad dates” (dates stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, and broiled), fried mac and cheese balls (w/ secret badass sauce), and pickle chips with chipotle mayonnaise.

 photo DSC00301_zpsfd8a0f24.jpg

 photo DSC00311_zps742afda9.jpg

and of course i had to go and make a penis out of the food.

 photo DSC00302_zps71a078f7.jpg

date! i have never really been a fan of dates, after having had to, from the ages of 8-16, stuff thousands of them with walnuts and then roll them in sugar for holiday family gatherings, and getting all sticky with date-guts and then grainy with sugar under my nails and never even trying one of them, because the willy wonka-style tar-and-feathering process was a real turnoff. but these were a delicacy!

 photo DSC00303_zps5617f8b5.jpg

and, i guess, technically, this is another picture of me eating a penis on the internet.

 photo DSC00305_zpsdb2431bc.jpg

and greg is eating balls.

 photo DSC00308_zps924a9e3f.jpg

this is actually a picture of greg remarking about how much he likes the date, and how unexpected his pleasure is. and yet it looks like he is so so very unhappy. i’m not sure if it is his inability to project human emotion the way the rest of us do, with our socially codified facial expressions, or if the camera just hates him.

 photo DSC00306_zps9dbac68a.jpg

because, i mean, look at this! and i am a grade-A photographer! and greg is not unattractive (DO YOU WANT ME TO TOP YOU OFF??) but for some reason, he will look fine through the lens up until i make the click, and then:

 photo DSC00307_zpsccc278f7.jpg

this happens.

greg, you are better than this.

 photo DSC00309_zps5bfc4b74.jpg

this is where i told him – just stay still so you don’t look like such a freak.

 photo DSC00310_zpscd589638.jpg

and he looks chastised, which isn’t much better. even though it is accurate.

and then our substitute/substitute appetizer arrived:

sweet potato fries with roasted garlic mayo

 photo DSC00312_zpsf9761c5c.jpg

and i make a little tableau for montambo. it is a slug on a leaf. obviously.

 photo DSC00313_zps8c59d161.jpg

uh-oh, look at that coffee cup! someone needs to be topped off!

 photo DSC00314_zpsa36e0020.jpg

this is me innocently salting fries

 photo DSC00315_zpsca540919.jpg

and then stunned when greg accuses me of liking the strokes. STUNNED! okay, they are catchy. so what. that doesn’t mean i like them. TB is catchy, too, and you don’t see me sucking face with occupy-wherever people. too soon?

 photo DSC00316_zps0379e077.jpg

this might be the most flattering picture of greg today. the table really brings out his eyes.

 photo DSC00317_zpse3b0d486.jpg

oh, yeah, and i also got a side of roasted butternut squash with garlic. this bowl makes it look tiny, but it was pretty substantial. we ate a lot of food.

 photo DSC00318_zps42894844.jpg

and then – here it is!! yummy main course!

i got the piggy-back burger, which was covered in pulled pork (and i most certainly did ask for the works) and it had not only pulled pork and hamburger, but also bacon. this might be the best burger i have eaten since the one at whitman’s.

 photo DSC00319_zps3b378133.jpg

 photo DSC00320_zps4db22d59.jpg

and perfect for me wearing my little pig necklace

 photo DSC00375_zpsc30b891a.jpg

and even this bird food nonsense didn’t dampen my enjoyment. this was truly spectacular.

 photo DSC00333_zps7b6510f3.jpg

greg got the bandito burger – for cinco de mayo!!! it had guacamole and jalapenos and black beans and cheese

 photo DSC00321_zpsf4cf95b5.jpg

and if you get close up, it looks like the burger is barfing – bleeaacchhh

 photo DSC00323_zps03af1342.jpg

this required all my muscles to eat.

 photo DSC00324_zps9226e36d.jpg

i mean, COME ON! connor ratliff would barf like greg’s burger if anyone made him eat this.

 photo DSC00325_zps74227657.jpg

and speaking of weird food-issues – i make greg try the coleslaw, because coleslaw is delicious. and our waiter was very insistent that greg be served this coleslaw. he was all, “i have never liked coleslaw either but i like the kind we serve here.” and gave a special little secret smirk when he set it down.

so, what started as a photo-montage of greg overcoming his coleslaw-disdain, feels to me like it became a montage of greg overcum, period. you know. like in portrait of the artist??

what?? no, i didn’t say anything – eat your coleslaw.

 photo DSC00329_zps937300d1.jpg

 photo DSC00326_zps73cf1b62.jpg

 photo DSC00330_zpsce517cf9.jpg

 photo DSC00328_zps6cad7571.jpg


 photo DSC00327_zps6dd38d25.jpg

he likes it!

and while i was taking those photos, there was a burger-collapse.

 photo DSC00331_zps8c1aad94.jpg

this is why restaurants hate people who photograph the food. it takes away from the eating of it.

 photo DSC00332_zps44227df5.jpg

let’s remedy that!

i am a princess debutante!

 photo DSC00334_zpsa4a16176.jpg

look at all that coleslaw greg left behind! poor waiter. he will gladly come top that off for you…

 photo DSC00335_zpsa6282b63.jpg

i turned into a ghost!

 photo DSC00336_zps14393c73.jpg

and was restored after a child believed in me or something.

 photo DSC00337_zps03a19f10.jpg

and i did bring my own sugar again today.

 photo DSC00338_zps7d1ac2ba.jpg

which was good, because we had run out of the good stuff here, and no one wanted to top ME off.

 photo DSC00340_zps0f46273d.jpg

again – pen and paper, karen, it’s not hard (tnwows) (which is a new acronym, sure to catch on, and stands for “that’s not what our waiter said”) but anyway – pen and paper. because i could not even remember on the subway home during the weekly AIFAF-photo-review what inspired this increasingly-agitated montage.

 photo DSC00341_zpse15ab052.jpg

 photo DSC00344_zpsfdaf0adc.jpg

 photo DSC00342_zpseb0bcc01.jpg

 photo DSC00343_zps379c74dc.jpg

so then we were going to get dessert. but the “ice cream soup” i had coveted from their online menu was not on the menu today (natch). and despite all my jeering and judgment, greg decided to AGAIN get the brownie sundae, but they did not have any brownies. so he decided to get the ice cream sandwiches. but they didn’t have those either. turns out, the baker didn’t show, so they had no baked goods. “cinco de mayo,” i quipped, ominously. and winked. again. seriously, what’s my problem?

so we decided to just share the silver dollar pancake sundae. which is chocolate-chip silver dollar pancakes covered in everything, no baker required.

and it was probably a good thing we shared, because we were seriously reaching maximum tummy-capacity, and the size of this dessert is insane.

 photo DSC00348_zps58eda195.jpg

that is a tub of syrup in the middle, in case you wanna fast-track your diabetes.

 photo DSC00345_zps60191459.jpg

and we do.

i might be in sugar-shock here.

 photo DSC00349_zps11c3ed0c.jpg

is serious business.

 photo DSC00350_zpsd9f60e01.jpg

and then we are counting the money time.

 photo DSC00352_zps2cc6b8ea.jpg

greg leaned over, and whispered, “karen, i think they forgot to charge us for one of the burgers – should we say something??” so obviously we do, because we are good citizens, but it turns out that that was how he had given us our card-discount. but our waiter was tickled and said “thank you for being so honest – YOU WANT ME TO TOP YOU OFF? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ARE YOU NOT GETTING MY SUBTEXT HERE??”

but he was a great waiter, despite that eager/earnest/excitability which ordinarily would have turned me off. at one point, when i was covered in various foodstuffs, i leaned over to greg and said “if it’s not past his bedtime, do you think…” and then suddenly, he was at our table with a giant stack of napkins, before i could even say “…you could get his attention and get us some more napkins?” it was like a sixth sense. or just understandable horror that a grown-ass woman was covered in sauce like a toddler.

this is greg talking about how great popcorn shrimp is

 photo DSC00353_zps60d7d28d.jpg

because, POP!

 photo DSC00354_zps720a41cd.jpg

then we went to this awesome store, which looks like the place you go to buy gremlins inside, and there were so many really cool taxidermified foxes, one of them even wearing a top hat. i felt weird taking pictures in there, though, because while there were no signs prohibiting it, it seems like the kind of place that would frown on it. but just know that it was really cool, and greg wants a fox. sorry, david.

 photo DSC00357_zps91ffa42f.jpg

oh, and this picture. this is a picture of me being mortified that greg misquoted/misinterpreted the lyrics to an ani difranco song. it is not about incest, it was just some guy who was as old as her dad. how embarrassing. for him. not for me – it is totally cool to know the lyrics to ani difranco songs. it just is.

 photo DSC00358_zps3ab41a1b.jpg

then we went to trader joe’s to get supplies for the upcoming awesome arrested development party/aifaf, but they only had these. which are not bluth-y enough.

 photo DSC00359_zpsbdbf25c0.jpg

oh god and then we had to wait for a train.

 photo DSC00360_zps68103bc0.jpg

and i lectured him about something. probably.

 photo DSC00362_zpsab95c3e3.jpg

and then we finally started to go home.

greg has a pointy nose like a fox! someday i will turn him into a taxidermy project.

 photo DSC00363_zps9eb1677c.jpg

and then back to woodside. this is where the chicken/nathan’s place was. that fish market sign is a lie, but it is very exciting to fantasize about what it is going to be.

 photo DSC00364_zpsa2375999.jpg

although, the polish goods store closed, and all we got was some stinky optometry place. sucks.

 photo DSC00421_zps4a62c355.jpg

and then i was home!! sitting like a lady! close up shop, girl!!

 photo DSC00366_zpsbe18e749.jpg

i try to retrieve my camera, but greg is all shutterbuggy, ordering me “look cute.”

as though that’s not a daily challenge already.

 photo DSC00368_zps5dd7df02.jpg

eh. that’ll do.

 photo DSC00369_zps93c6a071.jpg

greg is mining for gold! not really, but it looks like that. greg said “don’t use that picture.” but i say ha-HAAAA!! i am in charge of zee aifafs!

 photo DSC00370_zps2d7b53e6.jpg

so he pooped in front of my house. rude.

 photo DSC00371_zpsdb8af9a5.jpg

and as a special bonus!! greg and karen hang our with canadian-visitor laima and her husband mark on a midweek mini-aifaf. and we loved them so much and want them to come back all the time. it’s so nice when people are as fun in person as they are online.

we go to here:

 photo DSC00393_zps43f1fcf9.jpg

peanut butter and co

greg is astonished to be seeing me on a school night.

 photo DSC00383_zpsb4914c76.jpg

greg gets the “cinnamon raisin swirl” sandwich, with cinnamon raisin peanut butter, vanilla cream cheese, and apples.

 photo DSC00384_zps6079652d.jpg

i get the “white chocolate wonderful,” with white chocolate peanut butter, orange marmalade and sliced almonds

 photo DSC00385_zps7af3403f.jpg

and a fluffernutter shake

 photo DSC00386_zps28643fc3.jpg

laima gets the “pregnant lady” which is crunchy peanut butter and pickle.

 photo DSC00389_zps886b7da5.jpg

and mark gets… a turkey sandwich.

 photo DSC00387_zps0a643222.jpg

which makes me feel like such a fool! i chose this place because in the past, i have sent all sorts of american peanut butter products like nutter butters and pb captain crunch and pb oreos, etc, to him because they can’t get that stuff where they live (even though laima sends me millions of boxes of canadian candy seemingly every week – candy that seems to be designed by the gods and withheld from me out of spite) but so i thought he really liked peanut butter and this would be a magical wonderland for him. but i guess he only likes the cookies. and i feel like i made a huge mistake. (which sounds dramatic, but is only because i want to have as many arrested development references in here as possible.) i’m not shattered over this. just shaken.

because look how cute they are!!!

 photo DSC00390_zpse2a7c7a0.jpg

and then as we were leaving, i heard my name being called and look who it is?? it is j.r. hamantaschen, the famous author! slumming it at the peanut butter restaurant! authors! they are just like us!

 photo DSC00391_zps7d5d83a9.jpg

and then we went to dylan’s

 photo DSC00395_zpsf8156f6c.jpg

and were served dark chocolate with champagne and strawberries in it. don’t mind if i do…

 photo DSC00397_zpsc108ee30.jpg

i am like a kid in a candy store!

 photo DSC00398_zpsc40500a8.jpg

so is laima!

 photo DSC00399_zpsf7624eda.jpg

i try to get greg to go in the photo booth with me, but he says “noooo – i will just end up making a terrible face and then you will be mad at me!” untrue. i would never be mad.

 photo DSC00400_zps33ff0295.jpg

look, it’s julius!

 photo DSC00401_zps610bc6d1.jpg

and i almost bought this for david, as a delightful joke, but i worried he might not giggle as much as i was giggling. so he only gets a photo of it.

 photo DSC00402_zps57ab3d15.jpg


 photo DSC00403_zps0ee76345.jpg

and then a girl was walking around with jelly bellies out of a tube and gave me a handful. i had eaten several when she said, “yeah, we wee just going to throw these out because there was a crack in the bottom.” i remarked that i also had a crack in my bottom and i was glad no one had ever thrown me out. she scampered away. i can’t really blame her.

greg refuses to eat jelly beans.

 photo DSC00404_zpsd871e891.jpg

 photo DSC00405_zps4b59e77e.jpg

so i slap him with a slap stix. SLAP!

 photo DSC00406_zps736f047b.jpg

laima is finding many excellent candies.

 photo DSC00407_zps230662d4.jpg

 photo DSC00410_zps087040d1.jpg

like this julius!

 photo DSC00408_zps30406646.jpg

and then she slaps mark with candy!!

 photo DSC00409_zps371d56cf.jpg

it is scary how alike we are. scary, but awesome.

greg is buying things for mother’s day because he is a great son. and his mother deserves a thousand happinesses.

 photo DSC00411_zpsf58afb73.jpg


 photo DSC00412_zps4251a6e9.jpg

and then we go outside and this stupid movie trailer is playing on a loop again and again on a screen over the subway station. enough!! we get it; you ruined gatsby! we are all delighted about it!

 photo DSC00414_zps71e9c00a.jpg

i try a series of escalator pictures. mostly unsuccessful, but because i took so few pictures of our time together because i was more excited-chatty than picture-takey, i am using them all.

 photo DSC00415_zps06e0aa57.jpg

 photo DSC00416_zps8ae627f1.jpg

 photo DSC00417_zps2e47828b.jpg

 photo DSC00418_zps6b7f7efb.jpg

and then we got on trains going in different directions and it was sad.

and it wasn’t until i got to woodside that i realized i hadn’t even gotten one picture of me and laima together. but at least i have memories.

 photo DSC00419_zpsa17c9d2f.jpg

and also books. she brought me a giant bag full of candy and books and an awesome vest and an aswesome necklace which were things i totally would have bought for myself and it is crazy how well she knows me, despite being so darn far away. come back, laima!!!

here are my laima-books:

 photo DSC00422_zps9ea7c8d8.jpg

brown skin blue
dance of the happy shades
whirl away
creepy and maud

here is regular-hubris:

 photo DSC00425_zpsc832d0e5.jpg

the extinction club
the wonder of unicorns
bough down

and then – and then – when i was leaving work on wedensday, someone brought this over to my desk. oh, good – the housing works open air fair is coming up soon. but

 photo DSC00423_zps4e5356fe.jpg

what’s this?? heyyy!!! who’s that with all those books??

 photo DSC00424_zps8456b6d2.jpg

also – watermelon!

here are some assorted pictures laima sent me of our time together, but still – no pictures of the two of us. you will have to come back so we can fix that, laima!

hers is a better shot of the restaurant

 photo pb_zps05c3aa15.jpg

oh, god, just what the world needs, another picture of greg and me

 photo gregktb_zpsfb007aee.jpg

and cannnnndy!

 photo candy_zpsb0b6a201.jpg

this is greg buying pez for noah?? jack?? whichever one likes trucks – babies are all the same to me.

 photo greg_zps179c0273.jpg

and that is all!!! for now!! i will be back next week with another special visitor. and once again, no greg. however, to make up for the greg-lack, there will be, again, TWO different aifafs. and it will be awesome. i promise.

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