MilagrosoMilagroso by Isabel Yap
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He remembers thinking, It can’t be a miracle, because we’ve already INVENTED the miracle.

science, nature, and religion all weigh in on the matter of food. in this near-future philippines, natural food’ll kill ya, with all of its diseases and toxins, while bioengineered food is safe and oh-so-delicious, just like real food! i mean, listen to this:

Marty takes a bite of the roasted chicken. It’s delicious. He feels a swell of pride. He helped make these things. Not directly—that was the research team’s job – but he handled most of the exports and imports that provided the raw materials for their meats. After the lockout with China he had shifted grudgingly to more expensive vendors in Vietnam, only to realize that their bio-plasticine millet (BPM) adhered to flavorants more easily, and could be molded into more convincing shapes. Chicken and tuna, in particular, could be replicated using Vietnamese BPM for a cheaper unit cost, and San Miguel was quickly able to launch a new line of canned goods, labeled: More nutritious. Extra-delicious!

convincing, no? bring on the flavorants!

it’s interesting to take a step back and consider which is the real miracle – that food springs forth from the ground, ready to eat, full of all the nutrients we need to keep us healthy, or that it can be created in a lab, “nearly” as good as the real thing.

good energy, good for leaving hooks in your brain, medium three for me.

i’m determined to continue reining myself in on this SHORT REVIEWS FOR SHORT STORIES path i’m on, although even with these rules in place i STILL managed to leave last week’s free tor short unreviewed. time to get it together, brissette!

in a minute.

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