cozy covers i have loved

like “romance covers i have loved,” these are not books i have read, but during my many years of shelving at the book factory, i’ve come to appreciate cozy mysteries simply for their great (or terrible) puns and i’ve learned how to judge a book by the mischievous animal on its cover. here are some cozies that have made me groan or giggle, earning my love.

in what is sure to be an ongoing contest, as long as there are cozies, clichés and rhyming dictionaries in ...
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this feels gauche, but when i announced i was starting a blog, everyone assured me this is a thing that is done. i’m not on facebook, i’ve never had a cellphone or listened to a podcast; so many common experiences of modern life are foreign to me, but i’m certainly struggling financially, so if this is how the world works now, i’d be foolish to pass it up. any support will be received with equal parts gratitude and bewilderment.

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