What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night: A Very Messy AdventureWhat the Dinosaurs Did Last Night: A Very Messy Adventure by Refe Tuma, Susan Tuma
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i have missed nearly all of dinovember!!

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this year, there are TWO dinovember-related books to enjoy! there’s What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night, which has bunches of photographs of those dinosaurs being mischievous from dinovembers past, and now there is this one – a children’s book where there are some pictures of dino-naughtiness, but also an attempt at a narrative to go along with the pictures of the dinosaurs making messes with toys, knitting supplies, food, paint, and mousetraps.

 photo IMG_1469_zpsuujwv9cu.jpg

i’m sure the story-part will delight and amuse children, since it is basically all about destruction rarrrrrrr, but i’m just in it for the pictures, and i wished there were more of them. this is why we have internet, karen! and i know, i know, but i’m just saying…

 photo IMG_1451_zpsrnthqqe7.jpg

i would give the book 5 stars cats for concept and pictures and 3stars cats for desultory story, which math turns into 4 stars cats overall.

 photo IMG_1472_zps8aib3jdw.jpg

but also 5 stars cats for this picture because it totally looks like one dinosaur peeing on another dinosaur which everyone knows is the HEIGHT of comedy

 photo IMG_1450_zpsxra7ienp.jpg

and which made me see this picture in a probably unintended way

 photo IMG_1453_zpshex7bapm.jpg

i never claimed to be the adult in this relationship.

it was good to see my favorite dinovember-dino again.

 photo IMG_1454_zpsozupcwhx.jpg

good old yellysaurus. may you have many adventures.

but let’s have a moment of meditative silence together for this: in the backmatter (because i am the kind of person who reads the backmatter in children’s picture books), there was the following statement:

No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this book, with the exception of Vincent the Dilophosaurus. He was treated with high-quality superglue and has since made a full recovery.

i’m pretty sure this is vincent:

 photo IMG_1474_zpsdrp2cf6q.jpg

my thoughts and prayers are with you, vincent, and i hope you guys all make it through this dinovember unscathed!

here’s to you!!

 photo IMG_1448_zpsdlasxelu.jpg

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