This Is Why You're Fat: Where Dreams Become Heart AttacksThis Is Why You’re Fat: Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks by Jessica Amason, Richard Blakeley
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yes yes yes yes yes! food orgasm. so this book is everything that is me—it is disgusting and mismatched and confuses a lot of people, but if you just sit down with it, you might understand it better. factcadbury creme eggs are the height of human invention. fact2if you deep fry them, they get even better. i still have to verify that last fact, but i’m inclined to trust in it. this book is all about taking what is great and making it better. do you like cinnamon rolls?? how about if when you are making them, you roll bacon into the roll-cravasse? wouldn’t that be much better? i say hell yeah! would you like to have a meatloaf that when you cut it open, macaroni and cheese bleeds out?? hell yeah!! would you like a grilled cheese sandwich made with pound cake and cheesecake?? hell yeah!! i must have all of these. some are recipes, some are served at fearless restaurants, and some are just homemade food killing machines. the cover image, in case you can’t tell, is a cheeseburger made on 2 krispy kreme donuts. i meanwhat do i have to do to get this in my mouth right now?? everything in here delights meit is all massive and unhealthy and everything has cheese or bacon or both. there is french toast that when you cut into it, oozes melted cheese. there is a four foot long sandwich that is comprised of every meal of the day, at intervals…there is an apple pie, whose lattice crust is made of bacon (which i have since made, and YUM). i swear it’s like i have discovered my higher power and it is speaking to me through this book. i await your instructions.

okay, i decided to add my fourth of july grilled cheeseburger picture to this review, because it is everything this book stands for: it is america, and it is excessive and messy and delicious. quake in fear…

i ate that. and it felt like patriotism.

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