The Running of the BullsThe Running of the Bulls by Harry Turtledove
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I want a brandy, and then another brandy, and then another brandy after that. Then I want to start drinking.

i don’t love hemingway. i don’t love harry turtledove. so how do YOU predict i would feel about a story by harry turtledove reimagining The Sun Also Rises, with…a twist?

well, in case you are someone who thinks four stars is a BAD rating, allow me to translate my rating and surprise you with the fact that i really liked it! i read this out of desperation—there was no new free tor shorty posted this week, so i had to go back into the archives to find one i hadn’t read, and after searching for aaaages, i reluctantly chose this one. and since we’re being honest, i totally chose it for the ‘cover.’

which is outstanding, although somewhat misleading.

anyway, i’m certainly glad i reread The Sun Also Rises pretty recently. t-dove’s homage hits all of the sparknotes plot points while also doing a slow striptease reveal of his version’s MAJOR DIFFERENCES. cringe at all of the proper nouns, but the rest of it is surprisingly fun, with some sadtwinges w/r/t the almost.

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