The Perfection of Theresa WatkinsThe Perfection of Theresa Watkins by Justin C. Key
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We had found love in poison. We had found life in death.

in my country, we’re coming up on election season towards the end of a spectacularly nightmarish year, and, without going into specifics, i’ve been thinking a lot lately along the lines of “how are there people who don’t see this _____ (insert recent atrocity of your choosing) as criminal/dangerous/upsetting/inherently wrong? are people really this selfish and callous that they’re unable to see the damage that is being done to other human beings?

and then i read this story and it kind of broke me into little pieces.

it has nothing to do with any real-world scenarios, yet it struck a similar chord, as it is so very much about suppressing empathy and putting personal wants above the consideration for other people’s wishes, but it’s for LOVE, so that makes everything okay, right? RIGHT??

this story’s on the longer side of the free tor shorts, but it offers a great big YEESH of dubious ethics for you to chew on, and it’s going to be lodged in my mind for quite some time.

read it for yourself here:…

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