The KurdlesThe Kurdles by Robert Goodin
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thank you to greg for buying me a book!! and such a fun, cute, weird book!!

the illustrations are wonderful:

 photo IMG_4136_zpsahs0s34x.jpg

and i loved the story as well.

sally the bear is owned by a real pill of a child

 photo IMG_4126_zpsjga0kiue.jpg

who throws her out of the car window and into the mud while tantruming

 photo IMG_4128_zpsycwwt3kj.jpg

where she is captured by this giant bird!

 photo IMG_4129_zps6wjoid1q.jpg

she escapes using the “hit with stick” method

but then falls into MORE mud and is nearly captured by ANOTHER creature.

but no means no

 photo IMG_4131_zpsxfwgl9aq.jpg

and if no doesn’t work, grab a rock.

sally is prevented from braining that puppy by a bizarre assortment of creatures.

 photo IMG_4135_zps0yjl9fp8.jpg

a greaser unicorn named hank

 photo IMG_4132_zps9myceamt.jpg

pentapus the…pentapus. who changes colors and has a neat hat

 photo IMG_4133_zpsmxz8b5mp.jpg

and phineas who is maybe a scarecrow? or is maybe just a guy with a scarecrow hat and a triangle nose. it doesn’t really matter.

 photo IMG_4134_zpshjpi6jws.jpg

sally wants to go back home (although why is beyond me), but this little group is having their own problem right now. they promise to help her out after their crisis is averted, and off they go to their home.

and that’s where i stop telling you anything about the story, because it needs to be seen by your own two eyes. or one, if you’ve had an accident.

it’s definitely not something i have ever encountered in a graphic novel before, and the solution to the problem cracked me up and was, as miriam notes, trippy.

one thing to note:

 photo IMG_4125_zps2b0cvvay.jpg

no, kid—THIS is how voice your desire for a giraffe without having a tantrum over it, jenny lawson-style

a wonderful present, and a super-fun book. i would love more adventures in this world.

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