The DinosaurLove: The Dinosaur by Frédéric Brrémaud, Federico Bertolucci
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this is the fourth installment of brrémaud’s “love”series, and i’ve been enjoying them very much and have been oh-so grateful for that “read now” option on netgalley each time a new one comes out. like all the previous volumes, this is a wordless story showing the realistic adventures/misadventures of a single species, with other creatures putting in appearances as predator, prey, or bystander in a story that is never disneyfied or hesitant to depict animals being animals, guts and all.

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which is reminiscent of a dinner party with the skeksis:

but unlike all the previous volumes, i probably won’t be buying a hard copy of this for my future enjoyment.

that’s no slight to the book itselfthe artwork continues to be outstanding (rendered somewhat less so by the process of me photographing it off of my computer with my dinky little camera)

 photo IMG_8867_zpsmupciygm.jpg

i’m just not as keen on dinosaurs as i am on the fuzzy-wuzzy creatures that drove the previous volumes:

the tiger
the fox
the lion

don’t get me wrongdinosaurs are cool as shit, but even though i loved jurassic park(s) 1-35, i just don’t have that emotional connection to dinosaurs that i would if i’d ever seen one in person or dreamed of having one as a pet.

and this story is pretty standard dinosaur fare:

dinosaurs go about their business,

 photo IMG_8855_zpsseztp5cs.jpg

bigger dinosaurs come along,

 photo IMG_8856_zpsntysaq4x.jpg

even bigger dinosaurs come along,

 photo IMG_8872_zpsilepnxmv.jpg

and then it’s all

dinosaurs fight

 photo IMG_8857_zps5cpbtznd.jpg

dinosaurs fight

 photo IMG_8877_zpsgqe4mvlp.jpg

dinosaurs fight

 photo IMG_8880_zps9nmd1rmz.jpg

dinosaurs fight

 photo IMG_8871_zps0dkclolv.jpg

or dinosaurs flight

 photo IMG_8873_zpse3gelge7.jpg


and that’s just a little meh to me, because i am meh towards dinosaurs in general (ever since i read Dinosaurs as a child and it broke my heart)

although there is a particularly good tailsmack here:

 photo IMG_8879_zpsa6s56wp9.jpg

and i do like all wing’ed dinosaurs:

 photo IMG_8876_zpsjjsxhah4.jpg

againit’s truly lovely to look at

 photo IMG_8860_zpswg85rhk1.jpg

and knowing me the way i do (i.e.quite well), i’ll probably end up buying this after all, since the completist in me is stronger than the me that shows restraint in spending money on things unnecessarily.

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