Stories for Nighttime and Some for the DayStories for Nighttime and Some for the Day by Ben Loory
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first of all, i want to mention that i did NOT win this in the firstreads program. poops. ben loory is not a poop, though; even if you miss his book signing because you go to the wrong bookstore and instead sit through an entire presentation about the merriam-webster dictionary, nervously wondering when ben loory is going to come out and claim the stage, he will still give you a copy of his book and eat nondairy frozen fruit desserts with you.

i admire that in an author.

the minute i saw this cover in the firstreads offerings, i knew i had to have it. it is way too nice not to ownobserve the tentacles! and he is a discover author which, say what you will about the company for which i work (and you all have), the discover program has picked some mighty fine books in the past. i don’t think i have read a dud yet, and this is no dud! that’s not just the free copy talking, this is definitely something you should read. especially if you are greg.

i don’t know what these stories are: light horror? dark fantasy? they are little flashes of nightmareslittle blinks into spookytown. they are somewhat reminiscent of millhauser. right? they are sleek like his stories, and have the same “dangerous poisons lurking within bright-colored lollipops” thing that millhauser is so good at. i have no control over my metaphors tonight. i blame my hurricane feast of cheese and more cheese. i have dairy-logy brain.

i am doing a disservice to this book. what an asshole i am.

i swear, all cheese-langour aside, the stories are great funand so damn short i read the whole book in one day. which is probably the wrong thing to do. i feel like i should have spaced them out moremaybe read one a day and savored them, the way i make my easter cadbury eggs last, so that i can still enjoy one in september, if i want to. instead i did what i do with girl scout cookies, which is a massive binge-and-regret. (purging is for rich folksi cannot waste foodit goes against my upbringing) and i do regret it, a little bit. because now what am i supposed to do?? i could read them again, and i probably will, but now the thrill of discovery is passed, and that is the best part!! the novelty, the punchline. i’m sure there is a word for this kind of deep sincere regret, perhaps in the merriam-webster, but i was too filled with shame to pay much attention to mr peter sokolowski, lexicographer extraordinaire.

sorry, peter sokolowski!!

wow. focus, karen.

you people should read the book. and then tell me what i should have said about it to make you want to read it. i knowi am getting all möbius and shit on you (not “shit on you,” but “möbius and shit” on you) but you get my meaning. i think con edison has turned off the power to my brain, so i will end this here and batten down my hatches and whatnot.

you will like these stories. that is all.

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