Sock Monkey: Into the Deep WoodsSock Monkey: Into the Deep Woods by Matt Danner, Tony Millionaire
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this book is a collaboration between tony millionaire and matt danner, who was the director of The Drinky Crow Show. it’s a prose reworking of previously-seen adventures of drinky crow (just mr. crow here, although his discovery of the joys of drink is included within), uncle gabby, inches and ann-louise.

so, if you’ve already read a bunch of tony millionaire’s books before, why would you want to revisit them again in a book that is mostly words and not page after page of dark and alienating drawings? i mean, who wants to read, right???

WHY??? WHY???

because THIS, is why:


this book is basically the treatment danner wrote for the sock monkey MOVIE! and how great is that teaser, huh?? pretty freaking great. i love the way he walks. and his smile. and i wanna see more. so even though some of this might be familiar to you, suck it up and READ IT. because i figure any money made from the sale of this book will funnel directly into the project of “making this movie happen.” and i am on team “making this movie happen.”

and it’s not like there aren’t plenty of great illustrations here.


 photo IMG_0437_zpsa1892b52.jpg

 photo IMG_0436_zpsbd1a064b.jpg

 photo IMG_0435_zpsb5082d7a.jpg

 photo IMG_0432_zpsc7462521.jpg

 photo IMG_0431_zps701bf7c4.jpg

 photo IMG_0430_zps99a1d12a.jpg

and you know you wanna see all of that on the big screen.

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